Unique. Exclusive. Inspiring. Vinolok is a globally proven glass closure for wine and spirit bottles. Elegance meets function. It is the crystal crown for your bottle.

Vinolok is a closure made from pure bohemian glass. It has absolutely no impact on aroma or flavour and it’s completely leak proof. It creates an impression of a premium brand.

There are many options to choose from and can be customised according to your brand. Customisation options include a range of sizes, printing and embossing, wide colour assortment, cutting and rhinestone insertion.
Customised Vinolok Closures
Easy to handle with no tools required for opening. Multiple re-opening and re-closing with a single click.

100% technically stable and inert to the content, preserving aroma, flavour & freshness.

Certified by FDA and EU food regulations & suitable up to 75% of alcohol.