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Bruni Glass Innovation Centre

Bruni Glass, Bruni Erben’s partner company headquartered in Milan, has a long history of designing and bringing glass packaging innovation to market. This is possible with Bruni’s Innovation Centre, which houses our team of designers and technicians with excellent creative skills.
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From Idea to Reality

Our Innovation Centre offers unique and compelling packages, customisations, and services to provide complete support from the idea to the reality. We work with clients from the first sketch to the final prototype.
And because of our know-how and experience with glass manufacturing, we go on to supply the finished packaging with quality assurance. The result is a package with a recognizable and exclusive design that elevates the product’s value and makes it stand out on the shelf.
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Bruni Glass coordinate all thee work through your Bruni Erben sales consultant. So speak to your rep or drop us a line, and we’ll jump in to help you elevate your brand.