Wine Workshop
February 2018

Wine Bubbles

We are proud to present 2018's Erben technical wine workshop, offering the industry new research and insights into wine stability and management.

Focus on oxygen management from grape to bottle, looking at the whole wine making process. Practical workshop involving tastings, discussions and talks on oxygen management and new research, best practice, as well as an opportunity for practical use of winery tools.

Topics covered will include :
• Oxygen and its influence on wine aroma

• Closure oxygen ingress and its influence on wine phenolic composition and sensory properties

• Management of oxygen at pressing, fermentation, storage, transfer and bottling

• Oxygen in low SO2 wines

• Closure choice and different oxygen ingress rates focusing on total package oxygen measurements.

South East Venue: Bolney Wine Estate
South West Venue: TBC

Lunch and coffee provided, timing between 09h30 to 15h30

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For further information please contact
Mark Crumpton | | 07805081677

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