Tirage and bottling services

At Erben, we understand the bottling process and we're proud to offer our mobile bottling solution to vineyards, distilleries & brewers throughout the UK. Discover more about this seven step production below.


Stage 1

Glycol freeze bath of the deposit in the neck of the bottle (294 bottles) of brand VALENTIN.

The bottles are hand-laid by an operator on the trays of the ice tray.

The transfer of the bottles into the tank is done automatically by a translating plate, the freezing cycle lasts 7 to 9 min.

Once the ice cube formed the bottle is taken up by a robotic arm, drained and deposited on the conveyor. The neck of the bottle is then rinsed to remove the remaining glycol.
Bottling Line Glycol Freeze Bath

Stage 2

Disgorgement: decapsulation and expulsion of the frozen deposit. Rotary PERRIER system with fixed blade.
Bottling 2 Disgorgement

Stage 3

Dosage: Rotary head PERRIER, phase is realized in 3 steps

  • Draining part of the wine from the collected bottle into a receiving bowl
  • Dosage: addition of shipping liqueur
  • Filling: the wine removed in the first round is reused to make the level of the bottle.

  • Stage 4

    Clogging and Muzzling: VALENTIN single-head system

    Clogging and Muzzling Cork Fitting

    Stage 5

    Agitator: to mix the shipping liqueur

    Stage 6

    Washing and drying.

    Stage 7

    Mireuse to check levels.

    Mobile Bottling Line

    If you’d like to discover more about our mobile bottling services, please get in touch and a member of the team will help turn your beverage into a finished, beautifully bottled product.