5 Iconic Spirit Bottles For Your Brand Packaging Needs

Spirit bottles have a tendency to feel and look luxurious. It’s hard to throw away a beautifully designed gin or whisky bottle; we sense they need to be repurposed. Many pubs, bars or family homes fill empty spirit bottles with LED lights for a warm and wondrous glow. It all adds the ambience while interjecting an aura of warmth and happy thoughts.

Luxury Spirit Bottles

Spirit bottles are filled with flavoured, alcoholic beverages that tend to demand high consumer price points. Some whiskey brands will sit in a distillery for over 60 years, waiting to be packed with the perfect essence from oak barrels and organic, high yielding grains. Before a customer can purchase a bottle of their finest liquor there are many manufacturing steps that need to be followed carefully. These include;

These twelve steps allow the final spirit bottle to be available in shops and superstores around the globe.

As a manufacturer and distributor of a vast range of spirit bottles, we have combined five of our iconic bottle shapes. We hope they bring a little inspiration, help with your brand goals and get your product to market.

Anis Rizada Spirit Bottle

The Anis Rizada is a beautiful round bottle with a 700ml capacity and finished in the colour flint. What makes the Anis an iconic bottle is its stunning embossed diamond finish. The Anis Rizada compliments any liquid contents and works well with shades of;

If you’re creating a brand with sophistication, weight and flavour? We would recommend the Anis Rizada spirit bottle from our distinctive bottle range.

Anis Rizada 700ml

Anis Rizada 700ml


Do you need a chunky, classic, rum, whiskey or gin bottle? The Alquima sets the scene with its solid round edges, dome bottom and overhanging neck lip. We have a range of spirit closures that complement this fabulous bottle design, including Bar Tops and Vinolok’s.

The Alquima bottle also has a large surface area for the placement of a distinctive label or biscuit. Brand labelling is an essential factor for any premium drink, especially in the world of spirits. Using considered colours, logo design and wording can enhance the final look and feel of the spirit bottle.

Alquimia 700ml

Alquimia 700ml

Decanter Amethyst

The Decanter Amethyst bottle is stylish, Iconic and full of personality. If you’re looking for a brandy, whiskey or rum bottle? The Decanter might be precisely what you need. Once filled with the desired liquor, the colour of the liquid alcohol brings to life the curves of this elegant bottle.

The Decanter Amethyst has a capacity of 700ml, is round in shape and finished in flint colour. The bulb of the bottle has a 3d symmetrical, wrap-effect which promotes a premium weight and finish.

Decanter Amethyst 700ml

Decanter Amethyst 700ml


Gloria is a distinctive spirit bottle with a round curvy bottom and a beautiful slender neck. The capacity of this bottle is 100ml, and the height reaches a measured 245mm. Gloria catches the eye of consumers looking for something different, luxurious or complementary.

Gloria is a spirit bottle perfect for special occasions, birthdays, Christmas or a New Year’s Party. Because the bottle design declares stature, the content needs to be of superior quality.

Gloria 100ml

Gloria 100ml


To round up our collection of Iconic spirit bottles, we have introduced Elery, designed with a square base and broad flat shoulders. The sharp tones and flint finish commands a tasty rum, whiskey or flavoured vodka.

Elery has a capacity of 700ml and sits 245mm high. As the bottle is a classic shape, the label needs to be eye-catching yet feel established to the consumer.

Elrey 700ml

Elrey 700ml

We hope you enjoyed reading through our five iconic bottle shapes. As a manufacturer of spirit bottles for brands all over the world, we wanted to show you a few bottles that are popular, classic and have a luxury design.

If you would like further help with your spirit bottle packaging? Please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers. Alternatively, please view our full bottle range here.

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