Acquisition expands company’s glass packaging solutions for the olive oil, home fragrance, and spirits markets in Iberia.

CÓRDOBA (June 21, 2022) – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Vidrierías Pérez Campos SL, a family-owned Spanish distributor of glass packaging for the olive oil, home fragrance, and spirits markets.

Founded in 1987 and based in Rute (Córdoba) in southern Spain, Vidrierías Pérez Campos serves the local market with high-quality glass packaging solutions. The acquisition expands Berlin Packaging’s market coverage in Iberia and enables Vidrierías Pérez Campos’ customers to have access to Berlin Packaging’s extensive product range. The company’s General Manager, Juan de Dios Perez, will continue with the company, offering his deep knowledge of the business and extensive experience within the glass sector.

“The olive oil industry is key for the Iberian market. The strategic acquisition of Vidrierías Pérez Campos extends our coverage to southern Spain. The company also possesses expertise in home fragrances and spirits, other important end-markets for Berlin Packaging,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA.
“We have been offering packaging solutions for the olive oil, home fragrances and spirits markets for more than 30 years. Joining Berlin Packaging is an important step in the company’s development,” said Juan de Dios Pérez, General Manager of Vidrierías Pérez Campos.

”Targeted acquisitions such as Vidrierías Pérez Campos are important to our European growth. The addition of Vidrierías Pérez Campos expands our glass packaging offerings for key markets and builds upon our strong presence in Iberia,” said Bill Hayes, Global CEO of Berlin Packaging.

Perez Campos is the 3rd acquisition Berlin Packaging has completed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) in 2022 and 5th acquisition completed globally in 2022.

About Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures. The company supplies billions of items annually along with package design, financing, consulting, warehousing, and logistics services for customers across all industries. Berlin Packaging brings together the best of manufacturing, distribution, and income-adding service providers. Its mission is to increase the net income of its customers through packaging products and services.

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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Verrerie du Comtat, a supplier of glass packaging for the French wine and olive oil end markets.

Located in Sorgues, France, in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyards, Verrerie du Comtat supplies glass bottles, jars, corks, and packaging accessories to local wine and food producers. The company was founded in 1986 by its President, Aline Maroncelli, whose father was a pioneer in glass packaging distribution.

“We are excited to continue expanding our wine and olive oil business with the acquisition of Verrerie du Comtat. The company has strong relationships with its customers and suppliers that we look forward to growing”

Paolo Recrosio
CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA

“We are very pleased to welcome Verrerie du Comtat to our group. This new acquisition strengthens our strategic positioning in the wine and olive oil markets, mainly in the ´Vallée du Rhône´ region. We will ensure the continuity of the company’s activities with the current Verrerie du Comtat team and offer new opportunities to customers and suppliers”

Eric Citone
CEO of Berlin Packaging France

“We believe there is significant opportunity in France for the food and beverage end markets, and we are pleased this family-owned business has chosen to partner with Berlin Packaging”

Bill Hayes
Global CEO and President of Berlin Packaging

This is the 21st acquisition Berlin Packaging has completed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) since 2016 and the 2nd acquisition in EMEA in 2022.

All employees and locations for this acquisition will be retained.

A miniature or mini spirit bottle is a small bottle that usually contains a beverage of distinguished taste. Many spirit brands use miniature bottles for liqueurs, liquor or other alcoholic beverages. Mini spirit bottles come with 50ml capacities, but 100ml – 150ml bottles can also be considered in certain circumstances; we like to call these “The Mini Grande”.

Miniatures can be used for a range of purposes. Here are our top ten reasons why successful brands explore the full potential of the mighty mini.

  1. Perfect for the small gift market – gift sets with a branded glass
  2. A great idea for samples
  3. Promotional assets – merchandise, limited editions
  4. Travelling convenience for both customer and supplier – train/aeroplane
  5. Reduction in transport costs
  6. Ideal for hotel minibars
  7. Great for home bars and the hobby cocktail maker
  8. Can be sold as a range offering different flavours and strengths
  9. Some people also like to collect miniatures
  10. Fantastic market testers for exhibitions and shows.

As a manufacturer of spirit bottles for commercial solutions in the beverage industry, we have decided to show you a collection of 50ml miniatures to expand your brand’s positioning.


Frasca Quandra Mignon – Vintage

The Frasca Quandra Mignon is a square miniature bottle with beautifully curved shoulders. The design holds a vintage feel and is perfect for a tipple of rum, whiskey or vodka drink.

mini spirit bottle

Serenade – Classic

Serenade is a stylish, tall, slender mini bottle with a tall neckline. Moreover, the elegant design has a classic finish and will enhance any spirit beverage.


Decanter Lola – Stylish

The beautiful Decanter Lola is a stylish 50ml mini spirit bottle, perfect for gift sets or high-end spirits. The design of this bottle offers an elegant, luxurious profile and wants to be picked up and admired.


Decanter Alex – High Profile

If you want a bar top finish or maybe you would like to add a glass bottle stopper? We would recommend the Decanter Alex. Moreover, the Decanter Alex has a rich finish and stands proud with its high profile shoulders and gorgeous neckline.


Bottiglia Aspect – Timeless

For a classic bottle design, the Bottiglia Aspect is perfect for whiskey, rum or vodka beverages. The soft, round shoulders work with the slender 50ml bottle. What’s more, the label design can also enhance the bottle and offer a timeless aura.


Nocturne Ronde – Exotic

Are you looking for something that creates an exotic atmosphere or enhanced ambience? The Nocturne Ronde offers elegant curves coupled with a sunny, warm mood. Additionally, the Nocturne Ronde is impeccable for cocktails, flavoured liquors or sparkling tonic waters.

mini-bottles-for flavoured-drinks

Belleville – Contemporary

The Belleville defines the word ‘contemporary’ with its modernized lines and concomitant artistry. Commerical brand owners would use this mini bottle for rum, gin, or brandy because consumers love to taste perfection.

contemporary miniature glass bottle

Bellagio – Modern

For a modern 50ml miniature, you may want to consider the Bellagio! It’s designer bevelled shoulders – enhance the straight body and convex base. On top of that, a range of compatible closures will help to complete the spirit bottle’s appearance.


Luz – Noble

Luz is a noble square bottle that emanates a brilliant design. The sharp lines work with the chunky neck and pointed shoulders. Luz can be used as part of a collection or a singular entity for exquisite spirit beverages.


Decanter Regina – Ageless

Decanter Regina offers an ageless interpretation of neoteric architecture while dappling with mortals for a glorious spirit beverage. Besides, can a distilled whiskey live forever? The Decanter Regina has slopping, round shoulders and tapers towards its petite base.


Alternative Miniature Bottle Uses

Miniature bottles can also be used for a wide range of drink products. From concentrated flavours to sparkling tonics, the mini glass bottles can penetrate all different types of markets. Our top alternatives include:

50ml, 100ml & 150ml capacities tend to work for many brands branching out with product extras, enhancements or bolt-ons. You can check out our full range of spirit bottles here.


Discover Your Glass Bottle Line With Berlin Packaging UK

Berlin Packaging UK offers a selection of spirit bottles for any type of project. Our packaging studio and friendly experts can answer any of your questions and help get your ideas to market. As hybrid packaging advisors, we want to make your journey successful and exciting.


Wine & champagne bottles have some fascinating history and are steeped in exciting facts and drama. As we are a hybrid packaging supplier with glass bottles being one of our central departments for commercial and wholesale brands, we have embarked on a pleasant journey to bring you our top ten facts about the etiquette of glass bottle making.

#1 – Why Is A Wine Bottle 750ml?

The standard wine bottle size is 750ml which works with the current European legislation for bottle packaging. They state that wine can be sold if packed in a specifically sized container. The 750ml bottle seems to be the most all-rounder regarding consumer practicality and manufacturing standards. Here are a few facts about the 750ml standard glass bottle:

#2 – Why Is 750ml Called A Quart?

A fifth is a unit of volume formerly used for wine and distilled beverages in the United States, equal to one-fifth of a U.S. liquid gallon, or 25+3⁄5 U.S. fluid ounces (757 millilitres); it has been superseded by the metric bottle size of 750ml, sometimes called a metric fifth, which is the standard capacity of wine bottles worldwide and is approximately 1% smaller.

#3 – Why Is 750ml Called A Full Bottle?

The full bottle terminology dates back to the origin of the glass bottle blowers. The capacity of their lungs was referenced as a “full bottle”. The average blower could fill a bottle with air and reach a size of 600ml – 800ml. This resulted in the average-sized wine bottle being 750ml.

#4 – What Are The Standard Sizes Of Wine Bottles?

Bottle manufacturers tend to offer a range of sizes and designs. However, a 750ml bottle is the most popular by far, but other sizes are also available:


#5 – What Are Examples Of Wine Bottle Shapes?

Wine bottle shapes come in all sorts of designs and sizes. Glass tends to offer a premium weight and projects a sense of luxury to many consumers. Wine glass bottles can also be coloured and shaped into many desired bespoke shapes. A good manufacturer will offer a range of stock wine or champagne bottles that can be viewed, tested and matched with a range of different caps and closures.


#6 – How Many Bottles Is A Methuselah?

Methuselah has many meanings but more importantly, in the world of wine and champagne – ‘Methuselah’ is the meaning for an oversized bottle containing 6L. This large bottle is the equivalent of 8 bottles of champaign. You will typically see F1 racing drivers receiving these famous large bottles on the podium after the race is complete.

#7 – What Is A Jeroboam?

A Jeroboam is also known as a “Double Magnum”. It is typically 18″ in height and 5″ wide and contains the equivalent of 4 standard bottles of wine! Jeroboam is a wine bottle with a capacity four times larger than that of an ordinary bottle. Here is a list of other exciting bottle sizes:

wine bottle sizes

#8 – How Many Bottles Are In A Balthazar

The Balthazar is also a large bottle used for champagne. Balthazar is a 12-litre bottle equivalent to 16 bottles of champagne. Other bottles include:

#9 – What Does The Term Corked Mean?

Sometimes, when a wine bottle is sealed with a cork, the cork may not close properly or could be faulty. For wine, if the terminology ‘corked’ is used, it means the wine is spoilt and has a musty smell upon opening. So it’s a good idea to smell and taste a sample of your wine before drinking.

#10 – Is 75cl The Same As 750ml?

Yes, 75cl is equivalent to 1 bottle of 750ml, which is six glasses of 125ml of wine or four drinks of 184ml. Furthermore, If you were to ask for a large glass of wine in a restaurant or pub, you should receive a glass with 250ml, which would be three glasses of wine per 750ml bottle.

wine glass measuring

Discover Berlin Packaging UK

Do you have a wine or champagne bottle idea that needs a professional touch? Berlin Packaging UK offers a beautiful collection of premium bottles, and the option to create something unique. If you want to enter into the world of sparkling beverages or perhaps produce a fine, velvet red wine? We have the tools to help get your project off the ground. So why not get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers. We are ready to take your call and develop your ideas into a reality.

wine champagne bottle bespoke studio

Chapter 7 grabs the limelight in the world of Scotch whisky with their new Vinolok glass bottle stopper. The elegance and shape of the glass closure offers a luxury finish and enriches the beautiful Nocturne bottle.

Chapter 7 is an Independent Bottler. They don’t make whisky; they discover it. As experienced spirit producers, they use exceptional casks that mature the extraordinary taste of fine whisky. Chapter 7 also offer an anthology of whisky beverages, and each measure tells a unique story. You can taste the distillery, feel the maturity and experience the warmth of Scotland through your veins.


As an empowering brand from the highlands, Chapter 7 states: “A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. Air moves in and out of the cask. The whisky’s flavour evolves and changes as it matures in the oak. Ageing builds character. And we find the best characters to bottle”.

A Sustainable Edge

Berlin Packaging UK provided the Chapter 7 Whisky brand with an opulent Vinolok stopper and spirit bottle. The glass stopper is 100% recyclable and made from natural materials with exciting benefits:

The Vinolok glass bottle stoppers encapsulate sustainability as one of its main features while enhancing the beauty of glass packaging. The design of the Nocturne bottle and new glass closure has a memorable finish, especially with its high-quality pure glass.


A New Journey Awaits

Would you like to redesign your spirit bottle stopper or enhance the overall look of your beverage offering? As hybrid packaging experts, we would love to help you with your next packaging journey and get your product to market.

We have a design team, Account Managers and technical experts on hand ready to take your call!

Bottle Packaging Machines – Index

Capsule Applicators
Carton Erector / Packer
Liquid Fillers
Wax Machines

Are you in the beverage and spirits industry and need bottle packaging machines for your expanding brand? Berlin Packaging UK has produced a range of bottle packaging manufacturing equipment to enable a full production line.

Bottle machinery falls under three different types of classification which require a different level of skill to operate. These include benchtop, semi-automatic and fully automatic options. Each machine is designed to increase overall production and meet increasing sales volumes from customer demand.

Bottle Machine Engineering

Berlin Packaging UK also provides bottling engineering support to customers all over the UK and Ireland from our bases in England and Scotland. We have excellent industry contacts and offer a complete service for the beverage industry. Moreover, as hybrid packaging experts, we can also source and provide spares for a wide range of bottling and packaging machinery. Our team can investigate and find parts for the most obscure or aged machinery.

Bottle Cappers

Capping Machine

Capping Machine

Bottle cappers can be used with this commercial ROPP, T-Cork & GPI capping machine, a perfect addition to any bottle packaging product line. The S/A PNEUMATIC capping machine is also simple to use.

Born as a bench or laboratory capping machine, the TSP-2002 can produce 1000 bottles b/h and only needs one operator.


More Information On Bottle Cappers

Capsule Applicators

Capsule Application Machine

Capsule Application Machine

The commercial capsule applicator for glass and plastic bottles is designed to make the application of capsules fast and efficient. These machines make a perfect addition to any bottle packaging product line. In addition, these machines can place and shrink capsules onto the desired bottles.


More Information On Bottle Cappers

Carton Erector / Packer

Carton Erector Packer

Carton Erector Packer

Case packers are perfect for cardboard to enable product transfer from the gripping surface towards the inside of each container. To help the carton production, these machines contain a centring device inserted into the packaging box after the empty cartons have been entered. Respectively, the case packers can be equipped with one or more gripping heads. Gripping heads can be used with magnets, pliers, suction cups or with pneumatic bells.

QuickBox Options

New options for fast production.
STATS – Cartonig robot up to 4000 boxes/hour



More Information On Carton Erectors

Liquid Fillers

Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Liquid fillers are an engineering marvel for bottles, jars and containers. These fast and efficient fillers are a perfect addition to any bottle packaging product line.

Liquid bottle fillers are level filling systems and use the power of gravity for production. Moreover, bottle filling machines are suitable for Wine, Water, Juices, Vinegar and many more liquids. The structure of the device is made out of stainless steel (AISI 304) with the mainframe being placed on adjustable feet, which are built into the bottom and made from a resistant material.

For safety and protection, the shell is also built according to CE norms for a sound structure. Safety devices stop the machine preventing the bottles from breaking and the machine from getting damaged. The filling machines can be provided with a CIP system, dummy bottles for filling valves, sanitising and neck-support or neck-handling systems for PET bottles. The production rate is from 500 to 10.000 BPH.

More Information On Liquid Fillers


palletisation machine

Palletisation Machine

Our range of palletisation and de-palletisation machinery options help you put the logistics into any bottle production line.

Palletisers are helpful in small production lines because they avoid the heavy manual job and increase the overall safety of the workers. In the fast production lines, palletisers are a perfect investment.

Berlin Packaging UK builds automatic palletisers for small and fast production lines. Our range starts with the cartesian palletisers and ends with the fast robot layer palletisers, passing through the traditional single column or double column machines. For the canned products, we also build magnetic head palletisers.

More Information On Palletisations

Bottle Rinsers

Rinsing Machine

Rinsing Machine

Bottle rinsing machines are perfect for small/medium commercial projects. They are a perfect addition to any bottle packaging product line. Additionally, these bottle rinsing machines are built to last and clean up to 10 bottles at any one time.


  1. Semi-automatic rotary rinsing machine in stainless steel, with 10 positions
  2. Operation with sterilised water and disposable drain
  3. Equipped with a container and 0.45-micron cartridge
  4. Electrical panel with low voltage circuits
  5. Built according to CE standards and mounted on wheels
  6. Also available in the 20-workstation version.


Rinsing machines have been manufactured to work with Wine, Beer or glass liquor bottles.

More Information On Bottle Rinsers

Wax Machines

Sincera Single Bottle Wax Machine

Sincera Single Bottle Wax Machine

Sincera 1

The Sincera 1 wax machine is a device model designed for one bottle. However, it is recommended for productions from a few hundred to 2000/3000 bottles per year.

The standard version allows you to seal bottles from a minimum size of 0,75lt (litres) to a maximum of 6lt, with just one machine.

Special sizes upon request

  1. Size range: from 0,75lt. to 6lt
  2. Production rate: around 100 B/H
  3. Power supply: 230V
  4. Energy consumption: 800 W

Sincera 2

The Sincera 2 model has been engineered for two bottles and is recommended for 2000 – 5000 bottles per year.

The standard version allows you to seal bottles ranging from a minimum of 0,75lt to a maximum of 5lt, with just one machine. While manual timers enable the setup of immersion and cooling times, a manual thermoregulator enables you to set the temperature, thus guaranteeing optimal results.

Special sizes upon request

Patent nr. 0001392762

    1. Size range: from 0,75lt. to 5lt
    2. Production rate: around 200/250 B/H
    3. Power supply: 230V
    4. Energy consumption: 1.8 kW.

Sincera 4

The Sincera 4 bottle machine is a model with a four bottle capacity. We recommend this upgrade for productions of over 3000 bottles per year.

The standard version allows you to seal bottles from a minimum size of 0,75lt to a maximum of 5lt, with just one machine. The temperature, the immersion and the cooling times can be personalised via a simple operator control panel, thus guaranteeing optimal results.

Special sizes upon request

Patent nr. 0001392762

      1. Bottle range: from 0,75lt. to 5lt
      2. Production rate: around 380/430 bph
      3. Power supply: 3 x 400V – 50 Hz
      4. Energy consumption: 3 kW.

More Information On Wax Machines


Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Wet glue

Glue machines are perfect for Wine, Spirit, Beer, Food, Chemical and Household bottles. The bottling machine is easy to use, economical and requires little maintenance. Wet glue labellers are available with the standard bottle-platform motion, using a cam in an oil bath or a programmed servo platform.

These labellers can be modified to accommodate various optical and mechanical spotting systems, which assist with automatic alignment. Wet glue labellers can be prepared for future modular self-adhesive label applicator units to be inserted or removed depending upon production need.

      1. High Production: 10.000 – 30.000 B/H
      2. Medium Production – 4.000/9.000 B/H
      3. Low Production – 1.000/4.000 B/H.


Self-adhesive bottling machines can be used for Wine, Spirit, Beer, Food, Chemical and Household bottles. The durable but straightforward mechanical design ensures long-term performance and requires little maintenance. Self-Adhesive labellers are available with either the standard bottle-platform motion, also using a cam in an oil bath or a programmed servo platform.

These labellers can be modified to accommodate various optical and mechanical spotting systems, which assist with automatic alignment. Applicators or motorized web unwinders allow for minimal downtime between web changes in an automatic redundant configuration.

      1. High Production: 10.000 – 30.000 B/H
      2. Medium Production – 4.000/9.000 B/H
      3. Low Production – 1.000/4.000 B/H.


Both wet glue and self-adhesive machinery are incredibly reliable and provide a high standard outcome. The combined labellers are available with the formal bottle platform motion using a cam in an oil bath or a programmed servo platform.

These labellers can be modified to accommodate various optical and mechanical spotting systems, which assist with automatic alignment.

Applicators or motorized web unwinders, in the automatic standard configuration, allow for minimal downtime between web changes, and a wet glue station with stationary label magazine can be refilled while the machine is in operation.

      1. High Production: 10.000 – 30.000 B/H
      2. Medium Production – 4.000/9.000 B/H
      3. Low Production – 1.000/4.000 B/H.

Semi-Automatic Self Adhesive Labelling Machine

Labelling Machinery

Labelling Machinery

The manual labelling machine for adhesive labels Mod-ACM2 applies the body and counter-label on cylindrical bottles and jars with a diameter from 64mm to 110mm. The machine is equipped with two labelling units independent from each other and slides to vary the distributor height.

The glazing of the label is made through rolls of stiff gum permitting a better adherence to the glass while the timed micro can be used to start the label automatically.

      1. Voltage: 220V, single-phase
      2. Air consumption: Approximates to 90/100 litres per hour
      3. Capacity: 600 bottles/hour.

More Information On Labeling Machines

Start Your Bottle Production Line With Berlin Packaging UK

Do you need to increase your bottle packaging output, require upgrades, need extra accessories, or want to expand your business potential in the beverage market industry? Berlin Packaging UK are here to help! We can talk you through the best possible options for benchtop, semi-automatic and fully automatic benefits.

As a specialist in producing glass bottles for wholesale, B2C, B2B and large brands, Berlin Packaging UK understands the journey to get your product to market. We can also provide bottling engineering support to all our customers in the UK and Ireland.

Sectors Covered

  1. Wine Spirits & Beer
  2. Oil & Vinegar
  3. Soft Drinks, Water & Juices
  4. Food Containers
  5. Mignon
  6. Chemical Products & Cosmetics.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your bottle machinery requirements. For example, Berlin packaging UK works with numerous manufacturers throughout Europe and worldwide.


The Sublime Spirits Collection was designed at the Berlin Packaging Innovation Center in Milan, Italy, with the goal to demonstrate the design, functionality and versatility that packaging can provide for top-end spirits. Together with Vinolok glass closures, we wanted to inspire the finest products that deserve to be stored in premium and uniquely shaped bottles.

JUNDO – Fresh features

Thanks to fresh and youthful features, this packaging revisits the most classical and traditional forms. The heavy base narrows the silhouette towards the bottom, revolutionising the linearity of the design and elevating the product to a new level of originality. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring. Vinolok Edge collection includes the Z Amac tumbler, a very elegant way to express the importance of the product itself.


SOUBRETTE – Walk the line

The slender line of this packaging creates a graceful design characterised by the slight curvature of the body, elongated shoulder and thin neck. For the commercial brand owner or start-up’s, this packaging is elegant for spirits that desire to be the centre of attention. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product a craft look.


ARYA – Icy glamour

The glacial and lofty lines of this model meld into a gentle slope near the neck. A bottle with a minimalist charm that captures the essence of the product and enhances its purity. Vinolok glass closure in clear version is a perfect and classy combination of the icy look. It can be enhanced by the metal sticker Vinolok Philos from the Edge Collection which refines the overall packaging.


TERA – Stylish vintage

Unique products can only come in packaging that exalts their exceptional nature. Originality, enhanced by the slender lines of this bottle, pays homage to vintage shapes, translating them into designs with a contemporary flavour. Vinolok glass closure can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring or even with a jewellery stone in the same colour as the liquid. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product an honest and accurate look.


MODISH SUPREME – Charmy geometry

An aura of prestige envelops this bottle, giving it an eternal charm that leaves one breathless. The transparency of the glass embellishes the broad and dynamic form of the body is a perfect blend of geometries. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product a precise look. The Vinolok Classic glass closure can be enriched with a coloured sealing ring. More lavish Vinolok Terra with golden inner metal coating adds luxury.


ALFIE – Passion for shapes

The result of a passion for research, Alfie’s strong, distinctive traits give the spirits personality: the essential quality of the lines and minimal characteristics are embellished with two rings in a play of modern shapes. Vinolok Loft from the Edge Collection can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be side printed Vinolok Rhinestone cut closure is the luxury way how to fine-tune the packaging.


ELDER – Mysterious port

A bottle that alludes to the Risorgimento, ready to release the triumph of the unmistakable aromas typical of fortified wines. The packaging is sober and mysterious, but at the same time, it has an engaging personality capable of standing out. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be coated with a metal effect.


PHILIPPE – Dynamic lines

The simplicity of the traditional lines of this packaging is enhanced by slight nuances with great dynamism. Its clear lines start from a narrower base and then soar upwards, creating a softer and more dynamic shape for a packaging that defers pure innovation by investigating new style horizons. For example, The Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid. Vinolok Philos from the Edge Collection with metal coating underlines the overall design.


The Sublime Spirit Bottle Collection was born to meet the growing demand for elegant packaging suitable for ultra-premium spirits.

More About Vinolok

Vinolok is changing the way the world thinks about closures. More and more winemakers and spirits producers choose Vinolok over other types of closures. But why? Here are our top 5 reasons:


Spirit Bottles For Your Brand

If you would like to discover more about our iconic spirit bottles? Please view our full range of spirit bottle designs. Or why not get in touch with one of our friendly Account Managers at Berlin Packaging UK. We are ready to walk you through all the options available to you.


Capping your wine bottle with the perfect closure can enhance the final product offering. However, what closure do you choose or what will capture the customer’s attention? These variables can make bottle packaging a little tricky, mainly because you want to save on time, investment, functionality and design.

As hybrid packaging experts, we are here to help! And have decided to walk you through Six Wine Bottle Closures Options that will make your glass packaging look beautiful.

Wine Bottle Closure Guide

1. Aluminium

Firstly, we provide a wide range of aluminium roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures, including non-refillable & long-skirted closures with appropriate liners (EPI, Saranex & Tin). These solutions are perfect for:

Secondly, the 30mm x 60mm aluminium wine caps provide unique brand enhancement thanks to various decorative options, from plain to printed, embossed & hot-foil printing. In addition, aluminium caps are often referred to as screw caps; these are now a popular choice for winemakers worldwide. We also offer over twenty plain colours from our stock product range.

Thirdly, aluminium caps are perfect for water, gin, vodka, liqueurs, cider or olive oil products. Furthermore, these aluminium caps can be plain or printed with different designs, and there is a choice of liner or non-refillable pourer.

In addition, aluminium bottle caps are designed and produced to meet the high standards required by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Decorated Aluminium Screw Caps

2. Wine Capsules

Capsules provide an attractive visual boost to your product and offer enhanced product security via tamper-evident seals. You can choose from three different materials;

2.1 PVC & PET
PVC heat shrink capsules provide the simplest solution for a wide range of bottles, and they are both cost-effective & easy to apply.

2.2 Polylaminate
Polylaminate capsules blend aluminium and polyethylene to bring strong visual impact and provide decorative potential at an attractive price point.

2.3 Tin & Aluminium
For a superior finish to your product, tin or aluminium capsules are the ideal choice for lifting your brands’ presence in the marketplace, offering a premium tactile exterior.

Something Unique
If you’re looking for a unique capsule, all our products can be custom made to your requirements, with unlimited colours, finishes & print options available. We’re confident that we’ll be able to provide a capsule that captures the character of your product and complements your brand!


3. Corks

Opening the cork is a ceremony enjoyed by many – the pop as the cork leaves the bottle is music to many peoples’ ears!

Whether you require a natural, technological or synthetic cork, our range of cork closures will provide the perfect solution for still or sparkling wines while always complimenting your bottle.

Natural cork is a renewable product from the cork oak tree; these corks are also fully recyclable and biodegradable. This cork option is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Natural cork is suitable for when bottlers wish to keep their products 100% natural and where sustainability and minimising environmental impact is key to a brand’s ethos.

Diam & Mytik Diam closures help maintain sensorial purity and ensure consistency throughout the life of bottled wine.

Synthetic closures offer predictable, consistent & reliable wine corks. Wine corks come in varying diameters and lengths.

At Berlin Packaging UK, we understand that customers require a wide choice of cork options. Therefore, our range of cork closures can be made to order or despatched from stock to suit a variety of wine styles & packaging requirements.

wine bottle corks

4. Mekano

Mekano is a synthetic closure designed to provide top performance. These wine closures are neutral in terms of taste and smell; they are ideal for any food-grade bottle and meet the strict standards set by the sector.

The Mekano synthetic closures are thermoplastic resin made of high-performance technical polymers. The seal is made from a glycol rubber that provides a high gas barrier and is suitable for food use. The bar and veil are composite fibreglass materials that perform similarly to aluminium durability.

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from the desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector. These exciting bottle closures are organoleptically neutral and suitable for any bottle in the food sector. It is produced with raw materials compliant with the most authoritative international standards for food-contact materials.

Revo Mekano Bottle Closures

5. Sparkling Wine Foils & Cages

With a range of foil colours, and sparkling wine hoods available from stock, we’re confident we’ll be able to ensure your bottle is capped to perfection. Our team can also guide you through the process of custom printed sparking wine foils to provide you with a truly bespoke look for your product.

As an exclusive distributor of ICAS Wire Hoods, we can reinforce the position as a leading supplier to the UK wine industry. Above all, we also give rise to exceptional quality & innovative packaging which is refined, creative, and functional.

ICAS has become the supplier to the best-known Italian and French producing wineries. In short, this fact steadily guarantees a solid, high-quality standard, starting from the best available raw materials to the completion of the production cycle.

Full decoration options also bring new opportunities to brands needing a way to stand out from competitors in an increasingly crowded field. Moreover, we also provide wine bottle machinery to help with large packaging volumes.

Sparkling Wine Foils

6. Wax Wine Closures

Using wax is an aesthetic choice or personnel taste of preference. It’s used to create an ultra-premium look and is a great way to add refined detail to your bottles. Our premium wax is easy to apply to each bottle and is clean peeling for the end consumer. For example, 1kg of wax will generally cover approximately 100 bottles.

Our wax wine bottle solutions are available in 10kg boxes. Choose from a range of stock colours to excite your bottle packaging ideas. Our wax can also be custom created to your required brand or Pantone colour.

Waxing Bottles

Wine Bottle Closure Solutions

Would you like some help to discover your next wine bottle closure solution? As a wine bottle packaging provider, we would love to help launch your next project.

We have friendly Account Managers ready to take your call, send samples and help with your ideas for a new beverage.


Henry Barrett invented the screw cap beer bottle in 1879. The screw cap idea made beer containers more affordable, convenient, and reusable. Today, manufacturers of beer bottles offer a range of caps and containers to suit different market segments. A bottle shape or bespoke design is essential, especially with the amount of creativity brand owners want to interject into the crowded liquor & beverage sector.

As a brand owner, wholesaler or homebrewer, you may be looking for stylish beer bottle ideas that will make your brewing efforts look extraordinary. Because Berlin Packaging UK is a hybrid packaging specialist, we have put together our three beer bottle collections for you to discover.

The Fantasy Beer Bottle Collection

The Fantasy Beer Bottle Collection offers a unique perspective into the past. The bottle range has a vintage feel which inspires elegance with value and stature. Each bottle is finished in soft amber and has two capacities, including 1000ml to 2000ml. We hope you love the swing stopper neck and finger handle that makes each bottle reusable as a decoration item or for the next round of brewing.

Fantasy bottle names;

We hope that the fantasy collection inspires brewing brand owners, yeasty homebrewers and hops professionals.
View The Fantasy Beer Bottle Collection Here.

The Special Collection

Do you want to go beyond the standard beer bottle shape and demand a little flair and excitement? We want to recommend the ‘Special Beer Bottle Collection’. Our selection of bottles in this range has been designed with modern inspiration, offering sophisticated lines, slopes, high necklines and curvy midsections.

If you want to produce a line of beer with a bottle that will get noticed? This ‘Special Collection’ has been put together for that purpose. Our bottle capacities range from 330ml, 500ml and 750ml. The colour finish for each bottle is vintage green, dark green and flint. Every bottle from this range has also been manufactured with a crown stopper collar.

Top four special collection names:

View The Special Beer Bottle Collection Here.

The Standard Collection

Every bottle manufacturer offers a range of standard bottle shapes. Producing bottles in this collection is fantastic for low price points, mass production and offering designs that have a classic feel and finish. Furthermore, our standard bottle range has various designs delivering comfort, style and appealing curves.

Our bottle capacities range from 200ml, 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 750ml. The colour of each bottle is available in vintage green, dark green, soft amber and flint.

Top four special collection names:

View The Standard Beer Bottle Collection Here.

Bottle Closures

No beer bottle is complete without the right closure. Berlin Packaging UK can provide three cap options to help with the final design of your beer bottle.

Crown Caps

The finishing touch of bottled beer is always the crown! It is the essential final element that the consumer sees before opening, and we can help ensure your bottle is always topped to perfection.

With our vast range of crown colours and matt or gloss finishes, you know there will be one to compliment your brand identity.

If you’re looking to go one step further with your branding, we also offer a bespoke printing service with a minimum order quantity of just 50,000 crowns. Custom crowns bring refined detail & are a powerful tool for helping consumers identify your brand.



Mekano is a synthetic closure designed to provide top performance. These caps are ideal for any food-grade bottle and meet the sector’s strict standards.

The seal is made from a glycol rubber that provides a high gas barrier and is suitable for food use. Moreover, the bar and veil are in composite fibreglass materials that perform similarly to aluminium in terms of durability.

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from our desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector.

Mekano Bottle Caps

Cork & Cage

The cork and cage closure tends to speak to premium style brands. Additionally, the cork demands freshness, excitement and fun on any occasion, while the cage defines rarity and finesse.

Using the cork and cage on beer bottles can help give consumers a reason to purchase. The final beer bottle with a stylish label and closure can demand an impact in the ale and larger industry.


Glass Beer Bottle Solutions

Would you like some help to discover your next beer bottle packaging solution? As we are your one-stop beer bottle packaging provider, we would love to help launch your next project into the awaiting market.

We have friendly Account Managers ready to take your call, send samples and help with your ideas for a new beverage.


The home fragrance market is worth a staggering USD 22.89 billion (2019) and is projected to reach USD 27.63 billion by 2027. Consumers seek desirable fragrant solutions that fill their homes with ambience and sophistication. As the market grows over the coming years and brands explore home scented solutions, we at Berlin Packaging UK have introduced a luxury range of glass diffusers.

Today, more than ever, room diffusers combine a functional appearance with a specific aesthetic for communicational needs. For example, the demand to create a warm feeling through the power of scent! Is pushing across the commercial and domestic marketing channels.

Where Can Diffusers Be Placed?

As a brand owner or wholesaler looking to enter the fragrance market, you may want to know where diffusers can be placed? If you think about a room as a sensual fragrance! You can place a diffuser anywhere on a solid platform, offering character, warmth and refined elegance.

Here are our top eight suggestions;

  1. Anywhere around the domestic home
  2. The garden picnic bench
  3. Summerhouse
  4. The office
  5. Reception
  6. The work/home studio
  7. Shop floor
  8. Conference room


What Types Of Scent Can Be Used?

Anytype of fragrance can be created for oils or candle wax. A scent producer will have a huge stock range of options to choose from. Moreover, you could create something bespoke and develop the next fabulous trend.

Classic Fragrance Ideas

Trending Fragrance Ideas


The perfect scent in a room can also improve sanitation, help eliminate odours and purify the air. Additionally, soft smelling fragrances can support and relieve stress, insomnia, headaches and promote a pleasant mood.

Home Fragrance Expansion

As the home fragrance market expands with new and exciting packaging ideas, gifts, presents, sets and cross-pollination into other markets. Here are a few of our favourite packaging solutions;


How to Use?

Diffusers are actually easy to use and can be refilled with new oils. As the container is made with premium glass, the consumer can wash the contents and replace with brand new oil. The rattan sticks can also be replaced making these products highly sustainable.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Open the fragrance oil glass bottle
  2. Fill the fragrance oil into the container
  3. Screw the collar onto the container lip
  4. Place the rattan sticks into the glass container.

Fragrance Collections

At Berlin Packaging UK, we offer two unique collections of fragrance bottles packed with stylish designs, finesse and refinement. Once you select the bottle design, we have a wide range of beautiful collars that work with each glass container.

The Essential Range

Today, more than ever, room diffusers combine a functional appearance with specific aesthetic and communication needs. As a result, the value of packaging has become a fundamental and strategic element in brand recognition. We have responded to these changes by increasing its range two-fold. The Fragrance Collection comprises a distinctive assortment of unique designs and original shapes while featuring popular and traditional designs.

essential diffuser collection

Full Brochure Here

The Bloom Range

The bloom collection is a new season of design, offering a renewal of shape with hints of springtime packaging for the home fragrance sector. The Bloom range renews the great classics and the most traditional lines on the market, allowing them to blossom with natural aesthetics and evolution. This transformation intends to set a new paradigm for the entire world of room fragrances.


Full Brochure Here

Wholesale & Brand Orders

Would you like some help with a few samples? Please discover our range of home fragrance packaging, which is designed for Reed diffusers, room sprays, candles and oils by following this link to view our brochures. Maybe you would like to talk? Please give one of our friendly Account Managers a call today +44 (0)1473 823 011.

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