MILAN (April 12, 2022) – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Panvetri, a family-owned supplier of glass and metal packaging for the wine and olive oil industries.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Modugno (Bari) in southern Italy, Panvetri serves a wide range of wine estates, cooperative wineries, oil mills, and food manufacturers, mainly in the Apulia and Basilicata regions. In addition to wine and olive oil bottles, Panvetri’s portfolio includes beer, spirits, and sparkling wine bottles, olive oil cans, food jars, and closures. With its strong local presence and established sales team, Berlin Packaging can help Panvetri expand its product offerings.

“Italy is a key country for the wine and olive oil industries, and Panvetri enriches our presence and expands our coverage of southern Italy,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA.

“We are proud to join Berlin Packaging and bring our experience in southern Italy to the rest of the company. We are also keen to expand our product portfolio with Berlin Packaging’s unique shapes and sizes that will now be available to our customers,” said Alessandro Pantaleo, CEO of Panvetri. “This acquisition is another testament to our commitment to growth in Europe. Panvetri strengthens our already robust presence in Italy and furthers our position as a leader in Italian food and beverage packaging,” said Bill Hayes, Global CEO of Berlin Packaging. This is the 20th acquisition that Berlin Packaging has completed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) since 2016 and its 1st acquisition in EMEA in 2022. All employees and locations for this acquisition will be retained.

About Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures. The company supplies billions of items annually along with package design, financing, consulting, warehousing, and logistics services for customers across all industries. Berlin Packaging brings together the best of manufacturing, distribution, and income-adding service providers. Its mission is to increase the net income of its customers through packaging products and services.

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Annual rum sales in the United Kingdom topped £1 billion for the first time in 2018, with over 1 billion litres consumed.

Now appearing on every cocktail menu and every off-license shelf, rum is becoming exceedingly popular in the UK. As rum remains a favourite tipple for many, its position in the spirits league is here to stay. The growing demand for the rum market encourages and pushes new product launches year on year. This means that brand owners are perpetually looking for new ways to be innovative and original. More specifically, this increases the importance of choosing a bottle with a unique identity and a powerful and memorable design.

With over 50 years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the glass bottling industry, put your trust in Berlin Packaging UK. Our Innovation Centres are dedicated to offering the latest and most suitable solutions to fulfil any of your food packaging needs, with customisation possibilities (decoration, engraving, embossing, printing or ad-hoc shapes). We pride ourselves on first-class quality procedures and control standards while providing technical assistance during the entire process.

What makes a gin brand successful? Check out some of our customer projects.

Razel’s Rum

Consumers are constantly wishing to experience the vast variety of flavours through rum beverages. As choice and competition increase in the rum market, brands are always looking for innovative new flavours to reinvent their range, and most importantly, grab consumers’ attention. Berlin Packaging UK has a wealth of experience in helping brands stand out in a competitive market.

This year, we were privileged to collaborate with Appartement 103 for Razel’s Rum Treats. Identifying the growing trend of flavoured rums in the industry, and after spotting a gap in the market for the lack of quality products offering sweet, flavoured rum, the brand embarked on its creation. The objective was clear: capture the unmistakable taste of famous American delicacies, such as peanut butter and choco brownie, combined with the elegance of the finest Caribbean rum.

The finished look? A showstopping customised Pacho bottle.

razels gin

Lost Years Rum

Lost Years Rum was born with a vision of creating exceptional rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. To produce this award-winning spirit, the company teamed up with artisan distillers from across the Caribbean and Latin America. The company raised enough money to save over 31,000 sea turtles in the first year alone.

The rum is beautifully bottled in our exquisite best-selling Belleville bottle, dressed up in Lost Years branding and finished with a JA cork stopper. Due to the rising popularity of miniature spirit bottles, Lost Years Rum jumped on this trend and as a result, produced mini rum bottles in 5cl.


Kraken ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has launched the second limited-edition bottle in its ‘Unknown Deep’ collection. Once again, we were honoured to be given the privilege to help bring Proximo’s vision to life. The beguiling bottle is a true showstopper – dressed in its own distressed diving cage, with a deep blue pearlescent coating and embossed finish.

The Kraken will donate £1 to Padi Aware, a marine conservation charity with a mission to clear up ocean debris while reporting on the types, quantities and locations of the materials collected to inform future conservation efforts and research.


Cabal Rum

Last year, Berlin Packaging UK began working with Harpalion Spirits on their brand-new Cabal Rum project. Experimenting with the possibilities of rum, the brand explored the best liquid combinations to create something extraordinary. This delightful dark spirit is 100% natural, made with no added sugar and no artificial colouring. Last year, Berlin Packaging UK provided an exquisite package for the brand – a Bellville bottle dressed up in printed Cabal Rum labels, finished with a black wood top closure and bespoke printed tin capsule.



Last year, Halewood expanded on its Dead Man’s Fingers Rum portfolio with the addition of a new 1.75L format for the popular Spiced, Lime, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Pineapple and Mango flavours. Already a hugely popular format in the US, the 1.75L format uses 30% less glass versus a standard 70cl bottle. Less packaging means fewer trips to the retailer or deliveries by online businesses to the consumer.


Start Your Rum Project With Us

Are you feeling inspired to begin your next Rum project? Discover our full range of premium glass packaging or follow this link to view our brochures. Perhaps you would like to try some samples? Please give one of our friendly Account Managers a call or contact us today.


Are you looking to revamp your gourmet food packaging? Or perhaps you are ready to begin a new brand journey? Then look no further than Berlin Packaging UK!

The modern gourmet food market has recently skyrocketed due to consumption changes in Europe. More specifically, the olive oil market has seen an uplift due to the popularity of the Mediterranean diet. And now more than ever, people are looking for healthier alternative cooking oils. Olive oil is a wonderful treasure – a truly multi-purpose product! It is essential for any kitchen – perfect as a salad dressing with feta cheese and can even be found in many trending hairstyling and skincare products!

Innovation, Style and Design

At Berlin Packaging UK, we specialise in an exquisite range of bottles for olive oils, ones that showcase a combination of innovation, style and design. We have something for every brand with a vast range of olive oil stock bottles for you to choose from. So why not take your product to the next level and create a bespoke package with Berlin Packaging UK? We will ensure that your bottle looks as good as the product tastes. The beautiful packaging solutions for this widely used condiment are a testament to its importance. At Berlin Packaging UK, we understand that your customer’s journey begins with the bottle.

Moreover, our Innovation Centres are dedicated to offering the latest and most suitable solution to fulfil any of your food packaging needs, such as any customisation (decoration, engraving, embossing, printing or ad-hoc shapes). We pride ourselves on first-class quality procedures and control standards while providing technical assistance during the entire process.

Add A Twist Of Gourmet

Our range of beguiling glass bottles promotes great options for packaging various gourmet food products. With different cap options, from plastic to metal, we can ensure that you will find the best cap to complement your product. As well as olive oils, these bottles could also be used to package balsamic vinegar, marinade, salad dressing and many more food products! In addition, we will ensure that your finished design will be the most alluring bottle on any supermarket shelf.


Discover Our 5 Top Gourmet Olive Oil Bottles

1. The Elica bottle

Elica is unique, sophisticated and elegant – the winner of the Bruni Glass Design Awards and is simply magnificent. You can purchase it as a stock bottle or dress it up in your branding for a mesmerising finished look.


2. Elegance Glass Bottle

A classy green or white bottle is very slender with a rounded shoulder and short neck. Ideal for your unique creations. Perfect for storing olive oil or even ports and liqueurs. And for an extra flourish, the look can be accompanied by a beautiful cork finish.


3. Primula 500ml

The Primula bottle shape is a unique, beautiful cylindrical round bottle – perfect for preserving the most refined olive oil. We recommend choosing the colour antique green to complement your product perfectly.


4. Marasca 250/500ml

Our classic Marasca bottle. The perfect choice for homemade condiments, dips and oils. High quality and eye-catching, this is one of our top-rated customer products.


5. Dorica 250ml

Package your gourmet product in the elegant and meticulously crafted Dorica bottle. Our Dorica bottle is a typical glass bottle for edible oils such as:

The Dorica is also perfect for vinegar bottles such as balsamic vinegar, fruit vinegar and brandy vinegar. We recommend choosing the bottle in the colour antique green for your finished product.


Supporting Global Communities

Needing a little inspiration? Check out our project with MAKNOON – OLIVE OIL – Trending Dubai. Every purchase of this ethically and sustainably produced superb olive oil supports the farmers, their families, and communities, helping to preserve the industry for the next generation.


Start Your Packaging Journey Today

Ready to commence your brand journey with us? Discover our full range of food glass packaging or follow this link to view our brochures. Perhaps you would like to try some samples? Please give one of our friendly Account Managers a call today!

Customer: Dark Art Distillery
Brand: Sky Garden Gin
Universe or market sector: Spirits
Category: Full solution
Origin: UK
Expertise: glass packaging, labelling, customer closure.


What challenges did previous suppliers encounter?

The design is printed on the bottle. In the design, we were looking for a vignette, i.e. the bottle fading from a light blue to clear. The previous supplier was struggling to achieve this to our satisfaction.

Why Did You Choose Berlin Packaging UK?

We were working with a previous supplier at the time and Berlin Packaging UK approached us to do stoppers and the capsule foil (which the previous supplier could not do). At that stage, we were not keen on moving the bottle supplier as we had already chosen the bottle type. However, Berlin Packaging UK showed us several types of bottles that were reasonably similar and as it became apparent that the previous supplier was struggling to achieve the vignette effect, we decided to give Berlin Packaging UK an opportunity. One of the great benefits is that we now get the bottle, the stopper, and the aluminium capsule all from one supplier (Berlin Packaging UK).




How did our technical, laboratory and quality team help achieve the vision?

The ability to achieve the vignette effect was key. We went through a number of prototypes which enabled us to look at the different options and help us choose a bottle design that we were 100% happy with.

Prototypes were produced quickly and they provided a couple of different options – some vignette and some without so we could compare.

What did it result in?

We went through a detailed process and were in regular contact with our Berlin Packaging UK Account Manager to discuss our ideas. It resulted in a fantastic bottle that so many consumers have commented on!




Has the main objective been achieved?

Yes! The main objective was to create a premium looking bottle that stood out in the crowded gin market and have a bottle with a unique presence. The process was achieved and we went through various prototypes to achieve this at every stage, Berlin was involved in the discussions with us and our branding agency.

The key was to achieve the vignette effect in the way wanted. We had spoken to a number of bottle/glass decorators and they were struggling to produce what we were looking for so it was great that Berlin Packaging UK was able to see our vision and translate this onto a bottle.

How did Berlin Packaging UK provide added value?

Berlin Packaging UK was involved throughout the different stages and prototypes. Originally, we were only discussing buying stoppers but due to our Account Manager’s enthusiasm and interest in our bottle and story, the conversation moved on to supplying bottles and aluminium capsules as well as stoppers.

We are a small distillery and have a small capacity for storage. Therefore, the ability for Berlin Packaging UK to store the pallets of bottles and for these to be called off a pallet at a time was a major plus. This has been really helpful for us managing our space challenge.



Any improvement of brand performance?

The design of the bottle absolutely attracts consumers. The quality of the gin keeps bringing them back.

The bottle design stands out! We have had numerous positive feedback regarding this. This is obviously important as it is the first thing that attracts the consumer and therefore we can absolutely say the bottle has improved brand performance.

Any sustainability facts?

Our environmental responsibility has been a priority since we started our gin journey. Starting right at the beginning, we chose to repurpose/renovate an old derelict building rather than build from new. We utilised local tradespeople and sourced our botanicals locally where possible.

We are aiming to be ‘zero waste to landfill’ by the end of our first production year. Our ongoing project is to fully recycle our spirit tails and improve production energy efficiency.

To find out more, please visit

Customer: Proximo Spirits
Brand: Kraken
Universe or market sector: Spirits (rum)
Category: Bespoke Spirit Bottle
Origin: Trinidad
Expertise: bespoke glass packaging, fully decorated, customer closure

What Was The Customer Looking For In A Packaging Supplier?

Earlier this year, Berlin Packaging UK created a limited edition bottle that was at the heart of Kraken’s ‘Unknown Deep’ campaign. The customer was looking for custom-made packaging that encapsulates the spirit of the iconic tentacle symbol of the Kraken brand. We worked alongside our Glass Innovation Centre and collaborated with Promixo Spirits and NB Studios to help bring the project to life with our combined expertise in both glass and decoration.

Brand Story/History

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a Caribbean black spiced rum, distributed in the United States by Proximo Spirits and named after the Kraken, a mythical giant squid-like sea monster. Known for its deadly tentacles, razor-sharp teeth and insatiable appetite, the Kraken was rumoured to have attacked a ship in the Caribbean Islands carrying spiced rum. Hidden in the shadows, the Kraken greedily guards its hoard. Many have tried and failed to steal from the Kraken’s lair but have never returned to tell the tale. Kraken Rum was introduced in 2010 – the base rum is from Trinidad, distilled from naturally sweet molasses made from locally grown sugar cane.

Kraken was looking for a limited edition inky tentacle bottle – the heart of the ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition Campaign – which takes consumers deeper each year to reveal new clues about the elusive Kraken. This bottle was created exclusively for Amazon. £1 per bottle sold is donated to Project Aware: Dive Against Debris, who continue their battle on maritime conservation.

The Challenge

To push the boundaries of what’s possible in glass manufacturing

This project was one of our most challenging to date as it involved producing a great level of detail to bring the project to life. This black glass tentacle bottle was a year in the making and involved;

The contribution of the Berlin Packaging UK Innovation Center made it possible to create a fully customised product capable of capturing and expressing the details of the iconic tentacle symbol of the Kraken brand. The bottle has an attractive gloss finish, embellished with the metallic ink of the label and enriched by an ad hoc closure.

Bespoke Spirit Bottle - Kraken Black Rum

The Result

This superbly crafted Limited Edition is made from embossed black glass. It is encrusted in a precious gold and ancient currency, with the tentacles of the Kraken embracing the bottle around the neck.

Our bespoke bottle design for this limited edition Kraken bottle pushed boundaries of what’s possible in ‘glass’ while achieving savings of 35% on its ceramic predecessor.

Bespoke Spirit Bottle Packaging

Our creative team can offer industry-leading solutions, developing your brands’ essence with sample graphics, colour swatches & prototype bottles supporting the creative process as we strive to drive your project forward. Our manufacturing factories can then help realise these ideas into fully formed products that attract consumers’ attention and strengthen your brand performance.

If you would like to discuss a new project with us or have some ideas that need help? Why not call us today and talk to one of our friendly Account Managers. We would love to work on your new spirit bottle ideas.

Customer: Charles and Mike

Brand: Big Seven Gin

Universe or market sector: Spirits

Category: Full solution

Origin: UK

Expertise: glass packaging, labelling, customer closure


Ideally, we were looking for one supplier to take care of all our needs. As a small and independent business, having a good partnership with a supplier was key so we could continue to talk to them about what was coming next for us so we could always move at pace. We didn’t want to be wasting days and weeks speaking to other companies.


We started our business in March 2020 with one simple goal: to make the best spirits we possibly can. We’ve worked in the drinks industry for a combined 16 years so we felt this was quite a natural move. Having worked with lots of huge brands and helped bring their visions into travel retail, we had grown the brands of others; now it was our turn to do it for ourselves. We have also have been fortunate enough to spend loads of time in distilleries across the UK and Europe and understand the process of distilling. After some time distilling for personal consumption, we started creating spirits we knew we had to share – which was when Charles & Mike Distilling Ltd was born. All of spirit are made by us in incredibly small batches at our Distillery, in the heart of Essex. Our products are handcrafted and copper column distilled with no compromise to quality or taste.


Key company fact

“We are probably one of the smallest distilleries in the country, operating from 500 square ft.
Every bottle is distilled, bottled, hand labelled and packed by Charles & Mike’.

Gin has been performing incredibly well in the last few years. Customers now more than ever wish to understand the provenance of what they are buying and seek to get an experience and story from their purchase. Gin was well-positioned to exploit this because individuals can add heaps of their own personality and influence to the product due to the versatility of the spirit. In addition, there are a few barriers to entry for new distillers compared to the likes of Rum, Whisky, Vodka etc.


Most of the obstacles came from our end, operating out of 500 square ft space, we didn’t have pallet trucks or anything to help move bottles around! Our design agency worked in tandem with Bruni Erben to choose the best bottles to complement our label design.


While on our search for glass and the look of our brand we met with Eve, who was exemplary in her commitment to helping our brand, we smile now when we think of how Charles & Mike are like a child of Bruni Erben and they are committed to encouraging and helping us grow.



We wanted a bottle that would complement the design and style of our label and Bruni Erben was able to provide a bottle that fitted perfectly. Since then, we have ordered miniatures of the same bottle and also a different style of the bottle for our next project.

Our Project Lead, Eve, is great with keeping us informed with new glass from their side if she thinks it will be of interest to us., For example, Eve made us aware that there were miniature bottles of our current bottles that were available; we made the decision to buy these so we could manufacture and sell them.

There was a big improvement in brand performance, before we worked with Bruni Erben, we used a generic gin style bottle that was purchased from various places online. As a Premium Gin manufacturer, we initially struggled as we were trying to push a gin with a high price point but with a bottle people would have seen before and that just didn’t shout premium! However, with the glass we use from Bruni Erben, we no longer have issues conveying our message to customers.


“It’s a privilege to work with Charles & Mike Distilling, helping to bring their brand vision to life. The relationship between Charles & Mike Distilling, Bruni Erben and Andrea at Avian is the very definition of teamwork. We recognise the trust that clients place in Bruni Erben when choosing ourselves as their partner, and we take the responsibilities that this brings very seriously.”

Do you have an idea to launch your own spirit brand? Here at Berlin Packaging | Bruni Erben, we have friendly, dedicated Account Managers ready to take your call and help start your new journey. Why not get in touch today!

The folks at Silent Pool Gin have been rather busy of late. Travelling the globe in search of the world’s rarest and most intriguing citrus fruits to grace their new gin – the first major launch under the Silent Pool Gin brand since that iconic teal and copper bottle first burst onto the craft gin scene back in 2014. So cue a not-so-silent fanfare for Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin. They may have taken a path less travelled to arrive at this alluring new gin but one sip and you realise that the destination is every bit as rewarding as the journey. This wonderfully complex spirit balances bright and zesty with subtly sweet, beautifully aromatic and delicately spiced for a truly satisfying taste experience.

But what’s so rare about citrus? Well on their journey to locate the finest citrus fruits, the team at Silent Pool Distillers searched the globe and eventually unearthed two renowned citrus collectors who share their relentless passion for creativity and excellence. Leaving their busy lives and careers in Paris in 2001, Ann and Jean Paul Brigand moved to the gorgeous Alentejo coast in Portugal and set about building their home, Lugar do Olhar Feliz.

A Passion For Citrus

The duo has a particular passion for citrus and have made it their mission to help young Portuguese farmers and chefs (and bartenders, of course) to discover and fall in love with citrus as they have done. Now boasting a citrus collection of more than 300 varieties imported from the far flung corners of the planet (Yes you read right, 300!) Ann and Jean Paul have one of the largest and finest citrus collections in the world.

When Silent Pool Distillers visited their citrus grove, it far exceeded all expectations. Head Distiller Tom Hutchings says ‘We were just blown away by what we found. Hundreds of the rarest and most incredible citrus. The aromas and tastes were like nothing we’d experienced before’.

The team sampled dozens of citrus varieties before selecting the most interesting and aromatic flavours to take back to the distillery to begin formulating their distinctive new gin.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Bespoke Flavours

After much recipe development, the team settled on four lead varieties. Inside the zesty tipple you’ll find Buddha’s hand, Green Seville Orange, Natsu Dai Dai (a hybrid of orange and pomelo), and lastly, Hirado Buntan (a type of pomelo).

Not an easy task balancing all those different types of citrus in the final distillation. How have they done it you ask? The distillers have adopted the same bespoke 4-stage production approach used to create Silent Pool Gin to produce remarkable layers of ever-changing flavour.

Aromatic Gin With A Unique Taste

The result? A masterfully distilled and beautifully aromatic gin with a unique taste. Call this a flavoured gin though and Head Distiller Tom Hutchings will wince. ‘Please don’t mention the F word. As with Silent Pool Gin, this is a naturally distilled gin where all the flavours are captured in the distillation itself with no artificial colourings or flavour compounds added in afterwards. We’re passionate about making proper gins in the right way. This is a naturally distilled gin with oodles of classic juniper to be enjoyed, complemented with wonderfully complex layers of citrus and spice’.

If that hasn’t got your mouth watering, we spoke to the team at the surrey-hills based distillery to ask how best to enjoy this rare citrus gin. So here are three different ways to enjoy this lovely new gin.

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