A miniature or mini spirit bottle is a small bottle that usually contains a beverage of distinguished taste. Many spirit brands use miniature bottles for liqueurs, liquor or other alcoholic beverages. Mini spirit bottles come with 50ml capacities, but 100ml – 150ml bottles can also be considered in certain circumstances; we like to call these “The Mini Grande”.

Miniatures can be used for a range of purposes. Here are our top ten reasons why successful brands explore the full potential of the mighty mini.

  1. Perfect for the small gift market – gift sets with a branded glass
  2. A great idea for samples
  3. Promotional assets – merchandise, limited editions
  4. Travelling convenience for both customer and supplier – train/aeroplane
  5. Reduction in transport costs
  6. Ideal for hotel minibars
  7. Great for home bars and the hobby cocktail maker
  8. Can be sold as a range offering different flavours and strengths
  9. Some people also like to collect miniatures
  10. Fantastic market testers for exhibitions and shows.

As a manufacturer of spirit bottles for commercial solutions in the beverage industry, we have decided to show you a collection of 50ml miniatures to expand your brand’s positioning.


Frasca Quandra Mignon – Vintage

The Frasca Quandra Mignon is a square miniature bottle with beautifully curved shoulders. The design holds a vintage feel and is perfect for a tipple of rum, whiskey or vodka drink.

mini spirit bottle

Serenade – Classic

Serenade is a stylish, tall, slender mini bottle with a tall neckline. Moreover, the elegant design has a classic finish and will enhance any spirit beverage.


Decanter Lola – Stylish

The beautiful Decanter Lola is a stylish 50ml mini spirit bottle, perfect for gift sets or high-end spirits. The design of this bottle offers an elegant, luxurious profile and wants to be picked up and admired.


Decanter Alex – High Profile

If you want a bar top finish or maybe you would like to add a glass bottle stopper? We would recommend the Decanter Alex. Moreover, the Decanter Alex has a rich finish and stands proud with its high profile shoulders and gorgeous neckline.


Bottiglia Aspect – Timeless

For a classic bottle design, the Bottiglia Aspect is perfect for whiskey, rum or vodka beverages. The soft, round shoulders work with the slender 50ml bottle. What’s more, the label design can also enhance the bottle and offer a timeless aura.


Nocturne Ronde – Exotic

Are you looking for something that creates an exotic atmosphere or enhanced ambience? The Nocturne Ronde offers elegant curves coupled with a sunny, warm mood. Additionally, the Nocturne Ronde is impeccable for cocktails, flavoured liquors or sparkling tonic waters.

mini-bottles-for flavoured-drinks

Belleville – Contemporary

The Belleville defines the word ‘contemporary’ with its modernized lines and concomitant artistry. Commerical brand owners would use this mini bottle for rum, gin, or brandy because consumers love to taste perfection.

contemporary miniature glass bottle

Bellagio – Modern

For a modern 50ml miniature, you may want to consider the Bellagio! It’s designer bevelled shoulders – enhance the straight body and convex base. On top of that, a range of compatible closures will help to complete the spirit bottle’s appearance.


Luz – Noble

Luz is a noble square bottle that emanates a brilliant design. The sharp lines work with the chunky neck and pointed shoulders. Luz can be used as part of a collection or a singular entity for exquisite spirit beverages.


Decanter Regina – Ageless

Decanter Regina offers an ageless interpretation of neoteric architecture while dappling with mortals for a glorious spirit beverage. Besides, can a distilled whiskey live forever? The Decanter Regina has slopping, round shoulders and tapers towards its petite base.


Alternative Miniature Bottle Uses

Miniature bottles can also be used for a wide range of drink products. From concentrated flavours to sparkling tonics, the mini glass bottles can penetrate all different types of markets. Our top alternatives include:

50ml, 100ml & 150ml capacities tend to work for many brands branching out with product extras, enhancements or bolt-ons. You can check out our full range of spirit bottles here.


Discover Your Glass Bottle Line With Berlin Packaging UK

Berlin Packaging UK offers a selection of spirit bottles for any type of project. Our packaging studio and friendly experts can answer any of your questions and help get your ideas to market. As hybrid packaging advisors, we want to make your journey successful and exciting.


Annual rum sales in the United Kingdom topped £1 billion for the first time in 2018, with over 1 billion litres consumed.

Now appearing on every cocktail menu and every off-license shelf, rum is becoming exceedingly popular in the UK. As rum remains a favourite tipple for many, its position in the spirits league is here to stay. The growing demand for the rum market encourages and pushes new product launches year on year. This means that brand owners are perpetually looking for new ways to be innovative and original. More specifically, this increases the importance of choosing a bottle with a unique identity and a powerful and memorable design.

With over 50 years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the glass bottling industry, put your trust in Berlin Packaging UK. Our Innovation Centres are dedicated to offering the latest and most suitable solutions to fulfil any of your food packaging needs, with customisation possibilities (decoration, engraving, embossing, printing or ad-hoc shapes). We pride ourselves on first-class quality procedures and control standards while providing technical assistance during the entire process.

What makes a gin brand successful? Check out some of our customer projects.

Razel’s Rum

Consumers are constantly wishing to experience the vast variety of flavours through rum beverages. As choice and competition increase in the rum market, brands are always looking for innovative new flavours to reinvent their range, and most importantly, grab consumers’ attention. Berlin Packaging UK has a wealth of experience in helping brands stand out in a competitive market.

This year, we were privileged to collaborate with Appartement 103 for Razel’s Rum Treats. Identifying the growing trend of flavoured rums in the industry, and after spotting a gap in the market for the lack of quality products offering sweet, flavoured rum, the brand embarked on its creation. The objective was clear: capture the unmistakable taste of famous American delicacies, such as peanut butter and choco brownie, combined with the elegance of the finest Caribbean rum.

The finished look? A showstopping customised Pacho bottle.

razels gin

Lost Years Rum

Lost Years Rum was born with a vision of creating exceptional rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. To produce this award-winning spirit, the company teamed up with artisan distillers from across the Caribbean and Latin America. The company raised enough money to save over 31,000 sea turtles in the first year alone.

The rum is beautifully bottled in our exquisite best-selling Belleville bottle, dressed up in Lost Years branding and finished with a JA cork stopper. Due to the rising popularity of miniature spirit bottles, Lost Years Rum jumped on this trend and as a result, produced mini rum bottles in 5cl.


Kraken ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has launched the second limited-edition bottle in its ‘Unknown Deep’ collection. Once again, we were honoured to be given the privilege to help bring Proximo’s vision to life. The beguiling bottle is a true showstopper – dressed in its own distressed diving cage, with a deep blue pearlescent coating and embossed finish.

The Kraken will donate £1 to Padi Aware, a marine conservation charity with a mission to clear up ocean debris while reporting on the types, quantities and locations of the materials collected to inform future conservation efforts and research.


Cabal Rum

Last year, Berlin Packaging UK began working with Harpalion Spirits on their brand-new Cabal Rum project. Experimenting with the possibilities of rum, the brand explored the best liquid combinations to create something extraordinary. This delightful dark spirit is 100% natural, made with no added sugar and no artificial colouring. Last year, Berlin Packaging UK provided an exquisite package for the brand – a Bellville bottle dressed up in printed Cabal Rum labels, finished with a black wood top closure and bespoke printed tin capsule.



Last year, Halewood expanded on its Dead Man’s Fingers Rum portfolio with the addition of a new 1.75L format for the popular Spiced, Lime, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Pineapple and Mango flavours. Already a hugely popular format in the US, the 1.75L format uses 30% less glass versus a standard 70cl bottle. Less packaging means fewer trips to the retailer or deliveries by online businesses to the consumer.


Start Your Rum Project With Us

Are you feeling inspired to begin your next Rum project? Discover our full range of premium glass packaging or follow this link to view our brochures. Perhaps you would like to try some samples? Please give one of our friendly Account Managers a call or contact us today.


Chapter 7 grabs the limelight in the world of Scotch whisky with their new Vinolok glass bottle stopper. The elegance and shape of the glass closure offers a luxury finish and enriches the beautiful Nocturne bottle.

Chapter 7 is an Independent Bottler. They don’t make whisky; they discover it. As experienced spirit producers, they use exceptional casks that mature the extraordinary taste of fine whisky. Chapter 7 also offer an anthology of whisky beverages, and each measure tells a unique story. You can taste the distillery, feel the maturity and experience the warmth of Scotland through your veins.


As an empowering brand from the highlands, Chapter 7 states: “A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. Air moves in and out of the cask. The whisky’s flavour evolves and changes as it matures in the oak. Ageing builds character. And we find the best characters to bottle”.

A Sustainable Edge

Berlin Packaging UK provided the Chapter 7 Whisky brand with an opulent Vinolok stopper and spirit bottle. The glass stopper is 100% recyclable and made from natural materials with exciting benefits:

The Vinolok glass bottle stoppers encapsulate sustainability as one of its main features while enhancing the beauty of glass packaging. The design of the Nocturne bottle and new glass closure has a memorable finish, especially with its high-quality pure glass.


A New Journey Awaits

Would you like to redesign your spirit bottle stopper or enhance the overall look of your beverage offering? As hybrid packaging experts, we would love to help you with your next packaging journey and get your product to market.

We have a design team, Account Managers and technical experts on hand ready to take your call!

Customer: Dark Art Distillery
Brand: Sky Garden Gin
Universe or market sector: Spirits
Category: Full solution
Origin: UK
Expertise: glass packaging, labelling, customer closure.


What challenges did previous suppliers encounter?

The design is printed on the bottle. In the design, we were looking for a vignette, i.e. the bottle fading from a light blue to clear. The previous supplier was struggling to achieve this to our satisfaction.

Why Did You Choose Berlin Packaging UK?

We were working with a previous supplier at the time and Berlin Packaging UK approached us to do stoppers and the capsule foil (which the previous supplier could not do). At that stage, we were not keen on moving the bottle supplier as we had already chosen the bottle type. However, Berlin Packaging UK showed us several types of bottles that were reasonably similar and as it became apparent that the previous supplier was struggling to achieve the vignette effect, we decided to give Berlin Packaging UK an opportunity. One of the great benefits is that we now get the bottle, the stopper, and the aluminium capsule all from one supplier (Berlin Packaging UK).




How did our technical, laboratory and quality team help achieve the vision?

The ability to achieve the vignette effect was key. We went through a number of prototypes which enabled us to look at the different options and help us choose a bottle design that we were 100% happy with.

Prototypes were produced quickly and they provided a couple of different options – some vignette and some without so we could compare.

What did it result in?

We went through a detailed process and were in regular contact with our Berlin Packaging UK Account Manager to discuss our ideas. It resulted in a fantastic bottle that so many consumers have commented on!




Has the main objective been achieved?

Yes! The main objective was to create a premium looking bottle that stood out in the crowded gin market and have a bottle with a unique presence. The process was achieved and we went through various prototypes to achieve this at every stage, Berlin was involved in the discussions with us and our branding agency.

The key was to achieve the vignette effect in the way wanted. We had spoken to a number of bottle/glass decorators and they were struggling to produce what we were looking for so it was great that Berlin Packaging UK was able to see our vision and translate this onto a bottle.

How did Berlin Packaging UK provide added value?

Berlin Packaging UK was involved throughout the different stages and prototypes. Originally, we were only discussing buying stoppers but due to our Account Manager’s enthusiasm and interest in our bottle and story, the conversation moved on to supplying bottles and aluminium capsules as well as stoppers.

We are a small distillery and have a small capacity for storage. Therefore, the ability for Berlin Packaging UK to store the pallets of bottles and for these to be called off a pallet at a time was a major plus. This has been really helpful for us managing our space challenge.



Any improvement of brand performance?

The design of the bottle absolutely attracts consumers. The quality of the gin keeps bringing them back.

The bottle design stands out! We have had numerous positive feedback regarding this. This is obviously important as it is the first thing that attracts the consumer and therefore we can absolutely say the bottle has improved brand performance.

Any sustainability facts?

Our environmental responsibility has been a priority since we started our gin journey. Starting right at the beginning, we chose to repurpose/renovate an old derelict building rather than build from new. We utilised local tradespeople and sourced our botanicals locally where possible.

We are aiming to be ‘zero waste to landfill’ by the end of our first production year. Our ongoing project is to fully recycle our spirit tails and improve production energy efficiency.

To find out more, please visit www.darkartdistillery.com.

The Sublime Spirits Collection was designed at the Berlin Packaging Innovation Center in Milan, Italy, with the goal to demonstrate the design, functionality and versatility that packaging can provide for top-end spirits. Together with Vinolok glass closures, we wanted to inspire the finest products that deserve to be stored in premium and uniquely shaped bottles.

JUNDO – Fresh features

Thanks to fresh and youthful features, this packaging revisits the most classical and traditional forms. The heavy base narrows the silhouette towards the bottom, revolutionising the linearity of the design and elevating the product to a new level of originality. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring. Vinolok Edge collection includes the Z Amac tumbler, a very elegant way to express the importance of the product itself.


SOUBRETTE – Walk the line

The slender line of this packaging creates a graceful design characterised by the slight curvature of the body, elongated shoulder and thin neck. For the commercial brand owner or start-up’s, this packaging is elegant for spirits that desire to be the centre of attention. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product a craft look.


ARYA – Icy glamour

The glacial and lofty lines of this model meld into a gentle slope near the neck. A bottle with a minimalist charm that captures the essence of the product and enhances its purity. Vinolok glass closure in clear version is a perfect and classy combination of the icy look. It can be enhanced by the metal sticker Vinolok Philos from the Edge Collection which refines the overall packaging.


TERA – Stylish vintage

Unique products can only come in packaging that exalts their exceptional nature. Originality, enhanced by the slender lines of this bottle, pays homage to vintage shapes, translating them into designs with a contemporary flavour. Vinolok glass closure can be enriched with the coloured sealing ring or even with a jewellery stone in the same colour as the liquid. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product an honest and accurate look.


MODISH SUPREME – Charmy geometry

An aura of prestige envelops this bottle, giving it an eternal charm that leaves one breathless. The transparency of the glass embellishes the broad and dynamic form of the body is a perfect blend of geometries. Vinolok Woody is the symbiosis of two natural materials which gives the product a precise look. The Vinolok Classic glass closure can be enriched with a coloured sealing ring. More lavish Vinolok Terra with golden inner metal coating adds luxury.


ALFIE – Passion for shapes

The result of a passion for research, Alfie’s strong, distinctive traits give the spirits personality: the essential quality of the lines and minimal characteristics are embellished with two rings in a play of modern shapes. Vinolok Loft from the Edge Collection can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be side printed Vinolok Rhinestone cut closure is the luxury way how to fine-tune the packaging.


ELDER – Mysterious port

A bottle that alludes to the Risorgimento, ready to release the triumph of the unmistakable aromas typical of fortified wines. The packaging is sober and mysterious, but at the same time, it has an engaging personality capable of standing out. Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid or can be coated with a metal effect.


PHILIPPE – Dynamic lines

The simplicity of the traditional lines of this packaging is enhanced by slight nuances with great dynamism. Its clear lines start from a narrower base and then soar upwards, creating a softer and more dynamic shape for a packaging that defers pure innovation by investigating new style horizons. For example, The Vinolok glass closure can be coloured in the same line as a liquid. Vinolok Philos from the Edge Collection with metal coating underlines the overall design.


The Sublime Spirit Bottle Collection was born to meet the growing demand for elegant packaging suitable for ultra-premium spirits.

More About Vinolok

Vinolok is changing the way the world thinks about closures. More and more winemakers and spirits producers choose Vinolok over other types of closures. But why? Here are our top 5 reasons:


Spirit Bottles For Your Brand

If you would like to discover more about our iconic spirit bottles? Please view our full range of spirit bottle designs. Or why not get in touch with one of our friendly Account Managers at Berlin Packaging UK. We are ready to walk you through all the options available to you.


Customer: Proximo Spirits
Brand: Kraken
Universe or market sector: Spirits (rum)
Category: Bespoke Spirit Bottle
Origin: Trinidad
Expertise: bespoke glass packaging, fully decorated, customer closure

What Was The Customer Looking For In A Packaging Supplier?

Earlier this year, Berlin Packaging UK created a limited edition bottle that was at the heart of Kraken’s ‘Unknown Deep’ campaign. The customer was looking for custom-made packaging that encapsulates the spirit of the iconic tentacle symbol of the Kraken brand. We worked alongside our Glass Innovation Centre and collaborated with Promixo Spirits and NB Studios to help bring the project to life with our combined expertise in both glass and decoration.

Brand Story/History

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a Caribbean black spiced rum, distributed in the United States by Proximo Spirits and named after the Kraken, a mythical giant squid-like sea monster. Known for its deadly tentacles, razor-sharp teeth and insatiable appetite, the Kraken was rumoured to have attacked a ship in the Caribbean Islands carrying spiced rum. Hidden in the shadows, the Kraken greedily guards its hoard. Many have tried and failed to steal from the Kraken’s lair but have never returned to tell the tale. Kraken Rum was introduced in 2010 – the base rum is from Trinidad, distilled from naturally sweet molasses made from locally grown sugar cane.

Kraken was looking for a limited edition inky tentacle bottle – the heart of the ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition Campaign – which takes consumers deeper each year to reveal new clues about the elusive Kraken. This bottle was created exclusively for Amazon. £1 per bottle sold is donated to Project Aware: Dive Against Debris, who continue their battle on maritime conservation.

The Challenge

To push the boundaries of what’s possible in glass manufacturing

This project was one of our most challenging to date as it involved producing a great level of detail to bring the project to life. This black glass tentacle bottle was a year in the making and involved;

The contribution of the Berlin Packaging UK Innovation Center made it possible to create a fully customised product capable of capturing and expressing the details of the iconic tentacle symbol of the Kraken brand. The bottle has an attractive gloss finish, embellished with the metallic ink of the label and enriched by an ad hoc closure.

Bespoke Spirit Bottle - Kraken Black Rum

The Result

This superbly crafted Limited Edition is made from embossed black glass. It is encrusted in a precious gold and ancient currency, with the tentacles of the Kraken embracing the bottle around the neck.

Our bespoke bottle design for this limited edition Kraken bottle pushed boundaries of what’s possible in ‘glass’ while achieving savings of 35% on its ceramic predecessor.

Bespoke Spirit Bottle Packaging

Our creative team can offer industry-leading solutions, developing your brands’ essence with sample graphics, colour swatches & prototype bottles supporting the creative process as we strive to drive your project forward. Our manufacturing factories can then help realise these ideas into fully formed products that attract consumers’ attention and strengthen your brand performance.

If you would like to discuss a new project with us or have some ideas that need help? Why not call us today and talk to one of our friendly Account Managers. We would love to work on your new spirit bottle ideas.

Wholesale Glass Bottle Supplier – Index

Why Purchase Wholesale Bottles?
Wholesale Glass Bottle Sizes
Small Orders
Bespoke Products
Customer Service
Wholesale Glass Containers

As a wholesaler and supplier of glass spirit bottles, we have refined the process of buying through our sixty years of experience in the glass bottle industry. The battle for many customers is choosing the right design, working with the best size and finding a closure that best suits the final product offering. With these variables in mind, Berlin Packaging UK has put together a guide for retailers, wholesalers, consumers and B2B buyers.

Why Purchase Wholesale Bottles?

If you’re looking for wholesale glass bottles as a start-up or medium to large business, you might be considering our top ten customer questions;

  1. I need glass bottles that can be purchased on demand.
  2. Do you offer stylish designs?
  3. Can I select different size bottles?
  4. We need help from a Dedicated Account Manager
  5. Do you deliver large orders or small orders?
  6. Can I still buy these bottles in the future?
  7. Are these glass bottles affordable?
  8. We need something bespoke
  9. Can you offer glass bottles for all liquor market sectors?
  10. Can we place future orders to match our requirements?

A wholesale purchase allows for the buying process to be speedy, reliable and projects peace of mind. If you place the order, we take care of everything else. While you wait for the delivery, more emphasis can be placed on your company marketing, customer service and filling required orders.

Wholesale Glass Bottles

Wholesale Glass Bottle Sizes

As a producer of fine spirit bottles, we offer several options when it comes to the bottle size. Because we understand the liquor market segments for brand owners, we offer the following variables;

Depending on the market segment you wish to target, offering different sizes that can work with your liquor product is essential. You may have also considered the following avenues for re-selling;

Small Orders

Sometimes, you may need a few spirit bottles, rather than a pallet or large order value. With this problem in mind, we decided to create The Bottle Jar Store. This unique online portal allows consumers to purchase just 1 item. You can also discover a wide range of packaging solutions including;

Decanter Nausicaa 700ml Decanter Nausicaa 700ml


As our products are manufactured worldwide, then transported utilising dedicated and regular traffic flows from partnered production sites, we are confident meeting any customer requirements. Using our dedicated delivery vehicles as well as subcontractors and freight forwarders gives us access to distribution networks all over the UK and beyond.

Moreover, our highly focused and experienced logistics team manage all aspects of each delivery, whether it’s for just one urgent carton or a full artic or container load. Our team can also manage stock holding and fulfil customer requirements whether utilising stock usage forecasts or short notice requests.

Bespoke Products

If you need a spirit bottle that has to be bespoke for your needs? Our Innovation Center offers unique and compelling packages, customisations, and services to provide complete support from the idea to reality. We work with clients from the first sketch to the final prototype. Here is a list of services that you can expect from a state of the art innovation centre;

Embossing / Engraving – Relief and engraving are forceful customisation tools that lend depth to a company’s logo, strengthen a message and engage the consumer in a strong relationship with the brand.

Screen printing at high temperatures with ceramic colour inks and low temperatures with organic or UV inks. Bruni Glass France offers a 1-colour ink screen-printing service.

Acid etching and satin-like varnishing, with or without shiny spots, are decorations that give the product a velvety feel.

Varnishing – There are various kinds of varnishing techniques available for glass – high coverage, metallic, clear or opaque – and choice will depend on the project.

Pad printing with UV inks – Pad printing uses an ink-soaked pad to transfer colour to the article, guaranteeing excellent adherence and high-quality standards even on irregular shapes.

Decal stickers – Decal printing is a technique that prints the decoration on special film that is then applied to the product and fired in an oven to merge perfectly with the surface of the glass.

Hot foil printing uses heat and pressure to imprint a highly recognisable, highly resistant metallic effect decoration onto the glass.

Laser finishing is a new-gen technology that guarantees speedy application and incredible versatility with precise results for every detail.

Sleeve label technology – This technology wraps the product in a plastic sleeve label. It is also suitable for particularly complex decorations and very efficient from a time and cost savings point of view.

Component assembly is a decoration entailing the application of plastic and metal accessories for a very spectacular 3D effect.

Small Orders For Glass Bottles

Customer Service

Our Account Managers can help you with a simple call through wholesale orders, bespoke products, or small quantity purchases. Our process includes;

Supplying companies on a global scale can give us the edge in making sure all our customers are happy.

Wholesale Glass Containers

Supplying glass containers comes with the opportunity to enter several market segments. Our existing customers are always looking to expand, so we seek the opportunity to grow our capabilities and meet the demands pressed onto our current offering. As it stands, we now offer a range of products that fit under the glass container category;

Different types of bottles that can be manufactured

Offering a range of distinctive packaging is essential in this existing growing market sector. As the UK’s leading supplier of luxury bottles for glass containers, we offer expert guidance on getting your product in front of consumers.

If you would like to contact us for further information, or would you like to test some samples? Please give us a call today.

As Berlin Packaging UK specialises in a luxury range of bottles for liquors and spirits, we wanted to showcase innovation, style and design through solutions that fit multiple marketing needs.

Glass bottles can be produced in extravagant designs that offer sophistication, classic flair, or vintage appearance. However, the bottle shape needs to be distinctive for consumers to pay attention. For example, new and existing liquor brands tend to stick with a bottle design that suits a particular spirit section instead of creating a psychological process for the consumer. They know what they are buying without too much thought.

Spirit Bottle Shapes

BRANDY Brandy is a liquor produced by distilling wine. Brandy bottles like to be curvy, round, tall or short. However, a classic style leans towards a pouch or small round bottle shape. mykonos spirit bottle
CACHACA Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. The distinctive flavoursome Cachaca is normally filled in tall spirit bottles with a gold or red cap. pacho 700ml supreme spirit bottle
GIN Gin today is produced in different ways from a wide range of herbal ingredients, giving rise to a number of distinct styles and brands. Gin is famous for its sharpe and bitter flavour, moreover, Gin bottles are normally short with a round or square finish. nobilis amao spirit bottle
RUM Rum is a dry, sweet spirit but still offers a distinctive nectarous flavour. The bottle shape varies but the iconic shape is a small bottle with a cork cap. pacho 500ml spirit bottle
SCHNAPPS Schnapps or schnaps is a type of alcoholic beverage that may take several forms, including distilled fruit brandies, herbal liqueurs or flavoured brandies. The Schnapps bottle shape is normally tall, coloured glass and has a vibrant label. philippe 700ml glass spirit bottle
TEQUILA Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila. The tequila bottle shape varies however, a popular design tends to be a medium height with a red or blue cap finish. Exclusive 500ml Side View
VODKA Vodka is a clear alcoholic beverage made by distilling liquid from fermented cereal grains. The most popular bottle shape is the tall, round, classic with curved shoulders. Elder 750ml
WHISKEY Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, which are often old sherry casks or may also be made of charred white oak. Whiskey bottles come in array of sizes and shapes but always look sophisticated. Dangel 700ml
BOURBON Bourbon is a type of American whiskey, a barrel-aged distilled liquor made primarily from corn. The bottle shapes for this spirit like to be short, curvy and stylish. Nocturne 50ml

Some brands have stepped outside the traditional bottle shapes and gone for something eye-catching, but this will affect the price points and consumer buying tastes.

Spirit Bottles Through Market Segements

By taking a closer look at each market segment, we can look at different brands across the luxury, modern, best selling, household names and creative spirit bottle types.

Luxury Spirit Bottles – Purity Vodka, Highland Park 50-Year-Old, Legacy by Angostura, Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII, Crystal Head Vodka, Rochelt, Clase Azul Reposado, Grand Mayan Ultra Aged.


Modern Spirit Bottles – Casamigos, Arkhangelskaya, New Mix, Żołądkowa Gorzka, White Horse, Nemiroff, 8PM, Tanduay.


Best Selling Spirit Bottles – Royal Stag, Chum Churum, Officers Choice Whiskey, Imperial Blue, Smirnoff, Tanduay, Strong Zero, McDowell’s No.1 Whiskey, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Jinro.


Household Names – Jack Daniels, Bombay Sapphire, Malibu, Gordons Gin, The Famous Grouse, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Cointreau.


Creative Spirit Bottles – Some brands will push bottle manufacturing through the boundaries of their capabilities. Some brands want to reach out and attract new customers and show the world something they have never seen before. Here is Kraken Black Rum taking spirit bottle design to new heights.


Spirit bottles can be curvy, tall, creative, stylish, sophisticated and available in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, a spirit bottle can also come in different colours and have large or small mouth openings.

Popular Spirit Bottle Colours

Bottle colour can also play a significant role in how the bottle will look and feel. Some of the most popular colours include;


Casting a bottle in different colours gives the brand owner more control over the final bottle design. The colour of the final spirit liquid can also be used to add colour to the bottle. Many brands will use the distinctive hints of liquor for the final offering.

The Next Step

Would you like help getting started with developing your brand or launching a new spirit bottle range? At Berlin Packaging UK, we believe “Anything Is Possible”. Our friendly Customer Account Managers are ready to take your call and start with your latest spirit bottle enquiries.

Spirit bottles tend to feel and look luxurious. It’s hard to throw away a beautifully designed gin or whisky bottle; we sense they need to be repurposed. So many pubs, bars or family homes fill empty spirit bottles with LED lights for a warm and wondrous glow. It all adds to the ambience while interjecting an aura of warmth and happy thoughts.

Luxury Spirit Bottles

Spirit bottles are filled with flavoured, alcoholic beverages that tend to demand high consumer price points. Some whiskey brands will sit in a distillery for over 60 years, waiting to be packed with the perfect essence from oak barrels and organic, high yielding grains. Before a customer can purchase a bottle of their finest liquor there are many manufacturing steps that need to be followed carefully. These include;

These twelve steps allow the final spirit bottle to be available in shops and superstores around the globe.

As a manufacturer and distributor of a vast range of spirit bottles, we have combined five of our iconic bottle shapes. We hope they bring a little inspiration, help with your brand goals and get your product to market.

Anis Rizada Spirit Bottle

The Anis Rizada is a beautiful round bottle with a 700ml capacity and finished in the colour flint. What makes the Anis an iconic bottle is its stunning embossed diamond finish. The Anis Rizada compliments any liquid contents and works well with shades of;

If you’re creating a brand with sophistication, weight and flavour? We would recommend the Anis Rizada spirit bottle from our distinctive bottle range.

Anis Rizada 700ml

Anis Rizada 700ml

View More Details For The Anis Rizada Spirit Bottle


Do you need a chunky, classic, rum, whisky or gin bottle? The Alquima sets the scene with its solid round edges, dome bottom and overhanging neck lip. We have a range of spirit closures complementing this fabulous bottle design, including Bar Tops and Vinolok’s.

The Alquima bottle also has a large surface area for the placement of a distinctive label or biscuit. Brand labelling is an essential factor for any premium drink, especially in the world of spirits. Moreover, using considered colours, logo design and wording can enhance the final look and feel of the spirit bottle.

Alquimia 700ml

Alquimia 700ml

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Decanter Amethyst

The Decanter Amethyst bottle is stylish, Iconic and full of personality. If you’re looking for a brandy, whisky or rum bottle? The Decanter is precisely what you need. Once filled with the desired liquor, the colour of the liquid alcohol brings to life the curves of this elegant bottle.

The Decanter Amethyst has a capacity of 700ml, is round in shape and finished in flint colour. The bulb of the bottle has a 3d symmetrical wrap-effect, which promotes a premium weight and finish.

Decanter Amethyst 700ml

Decanter Amethyst 700ml

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Gloria is a distinctive spirit bottle with a round curvy bottom and a beautiful slender neck. The capacity of this bottle is 100ml, and the height reaches a measured 245mm. Gloria catches the eye of consumers looking for something different, luxurious or complementary.

Gloria is a spirit bottle perfect for special occasions, birthdays, Christmas or a New Year’s Party. Because the bottle design declares stature, the content needs to be of superior quality.

Gloria 100ml

Gloria 100ml

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To round up our collection of Iconic spirit bottles, we have introduced Elery, designed with a square base and broad flat shoulders. The sharp tones and flint finish command a tasty rum, whiskey, or flavoured vodka.

Elery has a capacity of 700ml and sits 245mm high. As the bottle is a classic shape, the label needs to be eye-catching yet feel established to the consumer.

Spirit Bottles

Elrey 700ml

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Build Your Spirit Bottle Brand

We hope you enjoyed reading through our five iconic bottle shapes. As a manufacturer of spirit bottles for brands worldwide, we wanted to showcase a few bottles that are popular, classic and hold the essence for the luxury in design.

Creating your beverage brand from scratch can be a tough journey; from start to finish, you will have to think about and make decisions on:

  1. The design of the bottle shape and colour
  2. Matching closure options, glass, cork, synthetic, capsules or wax
  3. Choose a stock option bottle or cast a brand new bottle shape (depends on budget)
  4. Label design
  5. Liquid contents, taste, colour and odour
  6. Filling, capping and sealing options
  7. Logistics, storing & distribution
  8. Marketing objective and target audience.

Berlin Packaging UK can help you with all of the above.

Bespoke Spirit Bottles

Many established spirit brands will create a new bottle shape for their beverage. Some brands will keep this bottle or slightly change the flavour or ingredients and design a limited edition bottle that grabs their customer’s attention. This marketing strategy is perfect for hype, press release, news channels, trade shows and increases customer interaction and engagement.

Here are a few examples of our case studies to wet your appetite for bespoke spirit bottle creation.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 grabs the limelight in the world of Scotch whisky with their new Vinolok glass bottle stopper. The elegance and shape of the glass closure offers a luxury finish and enriches the beautiful Nocturne bottle.


The Sky Garden Gin Project

The Sky Garden Gin Project was developed by a small distillery that produced a power punch, a spirit bottle with a vignette effect that offers fading from a light blue to clear.


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition

Earlier this year, Berlin Packaging UK created a limited edition bottle that was at the heart of Kraken’s ‘Unknown Deep’ campaign. The customer was looking for custom-made packaging that encapsulates the spirit of the iconic tentacle symbol of the Kraken brand.


Find more case studies here.

Start Your Adventure Today

If you would like further help with your spirit bottle packaging? Please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers. Alternatively, please view our full bottle range here.

Customer: Charles and Mike

Brand: Big Seven Gin

Universe or market sector: Spirits

Category: Full solution

Origin: UK

Expertise: glass packaging, labelling, customer closure


Ideally, we were looking for one supplier to take care of all our needs. As a small and independent business, having a good partnership with a supplier was key so we could continue to talk to them about what was coming next for us so we could always move at pace. We didn’t want to be wasting days and weeks speaking to other companies.


We started our business in March 2020 with one simple goal: to make the best spirits we possibly can. We’ve worked in the drinks industry for a combined 16 years so we felt this was quite a natural move. Having worked with lots of huge brands and helped bring their visions into travel retail, we had grown the brands of others; now it was our turn to do it for ourselves. We have also have been fortunate enough to spend loads of time in distilleries across the UK and Europe and understand the process of distilling. After some time distilling for personal consumption, we started creating spirits we knew we had to share – which was when Charles & Mike Distilling Ltd was born. All of spirit are made by us in incredibly small batches at our Distillery, in the heart of Essex. Our products are handcrafted and copper column distilled with no compromise to quality or taste.


Key company fact

“We are probably one of the smallest distilleries in the country, operating from 500 square ft.
Every bottle is distilled, bottled, hand labelled and packed by Charles & Mike’.

Gin has been performing incredibly well in the last few years. Customers now more than ever wish to understand the provenance of what they are buying and seek to get an experience and story from their purchase. Gin was well-positioned to exploit this because individuals can add heaps of their own personality and influence to the product due to the versatility of the spirit. In addition, there are a few barriers to entry for new distillers compared to the likes of Rum, Whisky, Vodka etc.


Most of the obstacles came from our end, operating out of 500 square ft space, we didn’t have pallet trucks or anything to help move bottles around! Our design agency worked in tandem with Bruni Erben to choose the best bottles to complement our label design.


While on our search for glass and the look of our brand we met with Eve, who was exemplary in her commitment to helping our brand, we smile now when we think of how Charles & Mike are like a child of Bruni Erben and they are committed to encouraging and helping us grow.



We wanted a bottle that would complement the design and style of our label and Bruni Erben was able to provide a bottle that fitted perfectly. Since then, we have ordered miniatures of the same bottle and also a different style of the bottle for our next project.

Our Project Lead, Eve, is great with keeping us informed with new glass from their side if she thinks it will be of interest to us., For example, Eve made us aware that there were miniature bottles of our current bottles that were available; we made the decision to buy these so we could manufacture and sell them.

There was a big improvement in brand performance, before we worked with Bruni Erben, we used a generic gin style bottle that was purchased from various places online. As a Premium Gin manufacturer, we initially struggled as we were trying to push a gin with a high price point but with a bottle people would have seen before and that just didn’t shout premium! However, with the glass we use from Bruni Erben, we no longer have issues conveying our message to customers.


“It’s a privilege to work with Charles & Mike Distilling, helping to bring their brand vision to life. The relationship between Charles & Mike Distilling, Bruni Erben and Andrea at Avian is the very definition of teamwork. We recognise the trust that clients place in Bruni Erben when choosing ourselves as their partner, and we take the responsibilities that this brings very seriously.”

Do you have an idea to launch your own spirit brand? Here at Berlin Packaging | Bruni Erben, we have friendly, dedicated Account Managers ready to take your call and help start your new journey. Why not get in touch today!

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