We offer a range of innovative closures to meet all your packaging requirements. Whether it’s a tin capsule to add that premium touch to a malt whisky, or a sleek aluminium cap to seal your latest artisan liqueur, we understand that your consumers’ experience starts with opening, unscrewing, uncorking, or popping out the closure!

Our array of closures are suitable for every sector from wine & spirits, to the food & beverage industry, through to cosmetics, household products & pharmaceuticals, offering solutions for unique bottles and products.


Complement your brand and add an attractive visual boost to your product.

Bar Tops

Let us help you find the perfect closure for your product.


Aluminium closures provide brand enhancement thanks to a variety of decorative options.

Crown Caps

Add that final flourish to your product with a range a plain or printed crown.


Create an ultra-premium look and add refined detail to your product with our high-quality wax.

Sparkling Wine Foils

Discover our selection of sparking wine foils & wire hoods.


Create an ultra-premium look and add a refined detail to your bottles with our selection of high-quality wax.


Brand Security

State-of-the-art security seals, anti-tamper materials, UV varnish & NFC technology


Our aim to set out new lines and trends in Packaging Design for the world of brewing, beer and ales.


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