Vinolok Tapi Natural Wooden Synthetic Closures


Bar-top closures have now become popular across a range of market sectors from wine, spirits & cordials, to oils & various food products.

Natural & synthetic cork stoppers with wooden or plastic tops, plain, printed, embossed and knurled or with a medallion are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.


Tapì offers closure solutions for spirits designed with meticulous attention to detail to generate a unique brand personality.

Premium materials are selected and designed in hitherto inconceivable finishes and custom options: genuine design masterpieces that make any bottle stand out from the crowd.

Each Tapì stopper is the product of unfettered creative freedom resulting in a design that incorporates all the quality of cutting-edge raw materials.


The glass Vinolok closure offers a sleek modern solution and stands out amongst the traditional bar top crowd.

Unique. Exclusive. Inspiring. Vinolok is a globally proven glass closure for wine and spirit bottles. Elegance meets function. It is the crystal crown for your bottle.

Vinolok is a closure made from pure bohemian glass. It has absolutely no impact on aroma or flavour and it’s completely leak proof. It creates an impression of a premium brand.
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