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Amazing customisation and design options

Show the individuality of your brand with custom colours, inserted jewellery stones or metal objects. Have the closure top cut into a diamond shape or made from wood.

Open and close the bottle over and over again

With Vinolok, you can open and close the bottle as many times as you need, even after many years.

Keep the taste and aroma intact

Beverages closed with Vinolok do not suffer from drawbacks which occur with the cork closures. The taste, aroma and colour remain the same and uninfluenced by cork.

Branding Options

Personalisation is now often used as a means of differentiating the brand. Many customers keep the Vinolok closure long after the bottle is empty. Therefore, putting your own design on the closure, either as a simple printed logo, with glass embossing, or an elaborate 3D or metal label, gives you the chance to develop a stronger bond between your brand and your customers.

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Vinolok fits most standard bottles

The Vinolok glass closure comes in sizes fitting bottlenecks of 17.5, 18.2, 18.5, 20.0, 21.5 and 23.0 mm. The Vinolok glass closure has two different heights of the top to choose from. The Low Top comes in 17.5, 18.2, 18.5 and 20.0 sizes and is mainly used for wine packaging. The heavier version High Top is available in all sizes and is used primarily for spirits and water packaging.

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Many of the Vinolok customers confirm that packaging is paramount to their success. If they want to remain competitive, their products need to stand out. Thanks to personalisation of packaging and labels, customers feel that the producer is doing something extra for them. Vinolok gives the packaging an impression of a premium brand by combining practical functionality with the unique aesthetic appeal.

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