Security Seals from Prooftag

Brand Security

Security seals – Bubble Seals from Prooftag are built on a tamper evident metallic substrate, a removal attempt provides a visible alteration of the seal which reduces product opening risk and resealing opportunities. The Bubble Tag™ material is made from a transparent polymer that generates completely random bubbles that are impossible to replicate ensuring full brand security & protection from counterfeiting & fraud.

UV varnish can be used as a covert counterfeiting device. QR codes & NFC technology can also be incorporated into your products!


Protect your products, your brand and your consumers with security from Prooftag™.

Prooftag offers to wine and spirit professionals a large range of solutions to prevent counterfeiting, re-filling and parallel markets. Prooftag has extensive experience in the protection of ultra premium as well as entry level products.

Bubble Seal ™

The Bubble Seal ™ offers the highest level of security with its random constellation of encapsulated 3D bubbles in a proprietary durable polymer. It is a classic and elegant design is constructed on a tamper evident metallic substrate.

Ramdot ™ Seal

Ramdot™ Seal offers a wide choice of personalisation for its materials, design and layers of security. It gives the possibility to create a customised solution around a chaos metric footprint of optically variable particles dispersed randomly.

FiberTag ™ Seal

a FiberTag™ Seal offers an economical security seal based on a security paper substrate layered with visible and invisible security fibres, scattered randomly. It combines a strong 3D chaos metric identification feature and authentication with a high level of customisation.

Variogram ™ Seal

Variogram™ Seal offers a basic level of security with a distinctive design. It associates mass serialisation with a random code for an online identifications.
Security Seals from Prooftag