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Our aim to set out new lines and trends in Packaging Design for the world of brewing, beer and ales. For those looking to stand out. For those who know how to be themselves.

The caps in the TAPI FOR BEER collection are revolutionary: Alongside high performance we provide a consistently innovative design, giving new expression to the world of brewing, beer and ales.

Reusable for multiple re-opening and re-closing, perfectly leak-proof throughout and compatible with the most widespread pasteurisation and hot-filling processes.

Revo Swing Stoppers
Revo Beer & Ale Swing Stoppers
Revo Mekano Information

Mekano: the alternative closure for even higher-quality beers

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from our desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector.

Mekano is is organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for any type of bottle in the food sector. It is produced with raw materials compliant with the most authoritative international standards for food-contact materials.

Revo Mekano
Revo Swing Stopper