Studio One Eleven

Studio One Eleven

Berlin Packaging, Bruni Erben’s parent company, has a complete design studio offering world-class package and brand design services at no charge in exchange for supply agreements. Our Chicago-based innovation team works hand-in-hand with our international sales and supply network to commercialise innovative packages that drive results.

From Concept to Commercialisation

We cover all aspects of designing a winning package.
  • Brand Strategy – We start with a discussion of what your brand stands for (or what it should stand for). We’ll think through positioning, user experience, competitive dynamics and other levers that can increase brand revenue. This work is the launchpad for our other practice areas.

  • Structural Package and Closure Design – We develop compelling shapes and structures that stand out on the shelf. But we go far beyond sketches and prototypes; we ensure everything we design will resonate with consumers and retailers while also meshing with your manufacturing and supply footprint.

  • Visual Branding and Packaging Graphics – We complete the package with the right visual display, from logotypes and graphics to the perfect romance copy. We can tweak what you have or design an entire new brand from scratch.

Expertise Applied to Your Situation

We work across every material type, including glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures.

We have helped clients in every end market, including spirits, beer, wine, beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, household care, and much more.

From large companies used to working with design agencies, to emerging companies trying to differentiate from the competition – we will delight you with what we bring to the table.

Silver Tequila Blueberry Preserve

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We coordinate all our work through your Bruni Erben sales consultant. To learn more speak to your sales rep or call us, and we’ll jump in to help you Package More Profit®.