5 Litre Mini Kegs


Our kegs are versatile and can be used to dispense not only beer but also cider, spirits, cocktails, wine and fruit juices. The built in tap and optional carry handles enhances product appeal.

Kegs are an excellent additional product that will complement a range of products already available in traditional bottles & cans.  Kegs are also a wonderful presentation piece for sales displays as well as being a popular choice for consumers.

Plain silver are available from stock, and we offer two different varieties - either Classic (no pressure) or Top Keg (with Co2).

Classic MOQ • 240 pieces – these come with a top bung and carry handle
Top Keg MOQ • 150 pieces
 Fully-bespoke printing options enhance product appeal and individuality of your brand.

For convenience quantities you can shop with our sister company The Bottle Jar Store

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