Automatic Capping Machine

Closure Application Machinery

Whether you require semi-automatic or fully-automatic capping machinery we offer a range of equipment to suit every need from heat shrink, spinning or capping bench models to fully automatic hi-speed options which can be integrated in to existing lines or designed to fit in to the space available.

Automatic Capping

Automatic machines are offered in a range of speeds from 2,700bph to 35,000bph. Including ROPP application, capsule spinning for multi rolled or tin capsules, thermal shrinking heads for shrink capsules & wire hood application.

An option of a multi turret, for example combining Capsule spinning and Thermal shrinking which provides both options within one machine. This is space saving and convenient for multi production facilities.

These include an automatic distributor of capsules with a detector to control the cap presence in the bottle and needle device to remove capsules. A turret with roller heads to smooth the capsules.
A gear motor with inverter. A universal screw to fit different sizes of cylindrical and conical bottles.
Stars and conveyors for a single bottle type. A PLC to manage the electronic parts. A photocell at the machine input to determine speed according to the arrival flow of the bottles. An anti-clogging photocell at output area. Frame completely coated from stainless steel. Safety guards made from stainless steel and a roller head inverter.