Bar Tops

Bar-top closures have now become popular across a range of market sectors for wine, spirits & cordials, gourmet oils and other various food or drink products.

We offer natural & synthetic cork stoppers with different styles, effects, colours and finishes. These include:

  1. Wooden or plastic tops
  2. Plain
  3. Printed
  4. Embossed
  5. Knurled or medallion.

We can also make sure our bottle bar-tops are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Our closure solutions for spirits are designed with meticulous attention to detail to generate a unique brand personality. Premium materials are selected and designed with beautiful finishes and custom options. Our bottle bar-top designers can create masterpieces that will make any bottle stand out from the competition.

Bottle Bar Top Closures

Each bottle stopper is the product of unfettered creative freedom resulting in a design that incorporates all the quality of cutting-edge raw materials. We can match each stopper to the following range of bottles:

  • Wine
  • Spirit
  • Olive Oil
  • Beer Bottles.

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Key Features
Elegance, durability and uniqueness
Variety of styles & materials
Total creative freedom

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