Oenology is the science and study of wine and winemaking, and our expert team at Erben are excited to share our in-depth knowledge of the wine-making process to help you develop your product and make your wine into a brand to be proud of.

Erben offer a diverse range of oenological products from market-leaders Laffort ®, a brand at the cutting edge of research and development into new products designed to overcome common issues facing modern winemakers. Our range of products include various types of yeasts, enzymes and bacteria, suited to maximising your harvest potential, as well as speeding up and safeguarding your processes in the winery.

The different yeasts provide a multitude of options in helping you to bring out the best characteristics of your grapes and wine, complemented by the right enzymes which will help with settling, and the maximisation of aromas and complexity. Laffort ® yeasts are used internationally and have gained many awards and accolades, especially when used in conjunction with our specialist yeast starter and nutrients to produce the best and cleanest ferment possible. Quality and innovation is a key feature of Laffort® products, and at Erben we are eager to help you find the best combination to suit your winemaking style.

We also offer a wide range of Laffort fining and stabilising agents and we provide sample kits which allow you to trial and test the benefits and help you to select the most suitable product for your particular wine. This is complimented by a testing service with the Laffort® laboratories in France, which can reduce risk and doubly ensure the product is suitable for your wine.

We offer ageing products that can add character to your wine, for example our Nobile oak range gives a premium finish via added aromatic complexity and mouthfeel Tannin products can help correct any diseased grape issues, in particular Botrytis- contact our adviser for more information.

The Laffort ® range isn’t just limited to winemaking, they are also well-suited for improving the production of other fermented drinks such as craft beer, cider and spirits. Various yeasts and enzymes can add depth and further creativity and uniqueness to your drinks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more advice.