The Bruni Erben Laboratory

Our Laboratory

Bruni Erben has state of the art laboratory equipped with the latest technology devices to be able to respond to any quality and technical enquiries.

As well as using this equipment to check our own products to assure quality we are also able to use this equipment to check or test customer products should they require an additional or independent analysis.

Our laboratory contains a number of instrumentation/test rigs including :

  • Digital vertical profile projector with 10 x zoom lens
  • 2 single headed bench mounted capping machines
  • Memmert HCP246 Humidity Chamber
  • Egitron electronic bottle neck internal control reader
  • CPG 200 internal pressure reading gauge for cans or bottles
  • MBT-200 digital reader device for measuring glass thickness in bottles
  • SST-2 Secure seal tester
  • X-rite exact computerised pantone reader/library
  • VAT-300 Digital perpendicular tester for glass bottles
  • Verivide light box