Tirage and disgorging services
for traditional method only

At Erben, we understand the bottling process and we're proud to offer our mobile bottling solution to vineyards, distilleries & brewers throughout the UK. Discover more about this seven step production below.


Stage 1 - Neck Freezing

VALENTIN glycol bath ensures uniform freezing of the lees deposit and not your wine.

• With a capacity for 294 bottles the machine has a good throughput for your bottling run requiring one person to load the bottles into the trays.

• The transfer is then automated with the freezing cycle lasting between 7 to 9 min.

• Once the lees are frozen the bottle is robotically moved and placed on the conveyor where the neck of the bottle is rinsed to remove the remaining glycol.

Bottling Line Glycol Freeze Bath

Stage 2 - Disgorgement

The crown cap is removed and the lees deposit is expelled using a rotary fixed blade PERRIER system.

• This ensures precise and consistent removal of the crown cap, which can then be recycled along with the lees deposit if necessary.

Bottling 2 Disgorgement

Stage 3 - Dosage

Market leading high precision PERRIER rotary head takes the bottle and ensures precise dosage filling of the liquor to the correct fill height performed in three steps

1 • draining part of the wine from the collected bottle into a receiving bowl

2 • dosage: addition of “liqueur d’expedition”

3 • filling: the wine removed in the first round part is reused to ensure the correct fill height.

Stage 4 - Cork and Wire Hood Application

VALENTIN single-head system then puts the sparkling wine cork onto the bottle and the wirehood of choice is then applied

Clogging and Muzzling Cork Fitting

Stage 5 - Agitator

The bottle is then moved to ensure a homogenous mix of the dosage liqueur and wine, allowing it to integrate fully.

Stage 6 - Washer and Air Drier

The bottle is cleaned and dried to manage the closure has no risk of rust and ensure the outside of the bottle is clean and prepared for labelling and foiling.

Stage 7 - Laser

Bottle fill levels are checked again to ensure the correct fill height has been reached before the bottles are then off loaded by a second operator and carefully packed away for the next step.

Mobile Bottling Line

If you’d like to discover more about turning your beverage into a finished, beautifully bottled product please speak with Mark Crumpton on 07805 081677 |  Mark.Crumpton@BruniErben.co.uk